Chuwi LapBook Pro Design, Hardware, Features Review


It’s not difficult to find a cheap notebook for purchase. It’s difficult to make it work properly. You know better than me many cheap devices are not able to provide a corresponding performance. Moreover, sometimes they don’t work at all. So the only thing you can do in such cases is to find trustworthy sources. Today we are going to introduce to an amazing notebook, the Chuwi LapBook pro.  Let’s see what key features it comes with and what selling point it is known for.

Design (Bigger Screen, Smaller Size)

Thanks to the IPS full lamination screen, the overall size is reduced by 30% compared to traditional notebooks. Adopting high-quality magnesium-aluminum alloy which went through CNC processes, the thinness is down to only 0.58cm and it weighs only 1430g, easily to be slipped into your backpack. The Chuwi LapBook Pro sports an amazing 14.1 FHD screen with 90% screen to body ratio, with full size backlit keyboard.


The Chuwi LapBook Pro is embedded with the Intel’s new generation of Gemini Lake quad-core processor, 64-bit quad-core four threads, has 1.3X improvement on performance compared to its predecessor. With the new Goldmont architecture, 14-nanometer process, and clocking at up to 2.4Ghz, it performances faster and runs at a more responsive speed. The graphic is handled by the 9th HD Graphics. HD Graphics 600 with 12-core EU executive unit and utmost 700Mhz work efficiency can handle the 4K stream videos in UHD very smoothly. It is embedded with the Latest LPDDR4 RAM brings you faster speed yet lower power consumption. Starting the apps, running the games and loading the web pages faster than ever. The LapBook Pro comes with 64GB MMC5.1, fast read/ write speed. What’s more, M.2SSD support on LapBook Pro is available, more files storage and more apps installation are possible.


It is embedded with a 2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi. The LapBook Pro takes full advantage of the 802.11ac wireless transmit protocol to self-adapt the worldwide bands. And with a peak transmission speed of 433Mb/s under the 5G band, you can surf the internet as you’ve never had before. LapBook Pro is packed with a 33.7Wh high density Lithium Polymer battery that can last through 8 hours. Watching videos, playing games and working will never be a problem. Backlit keyboard is illuminated for better visibility in low light environments, providing convenience and comfort. It is soft and eye-friendly.

Generally, Chuwi products have been known for their build quality, good performance, stylish look, and stable work. The Chuwi LapBook pro is no exception. click HERE to purchase the product for a discounted price.


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