CHUWI LarkBox upgrade Again, Showing The SSD Expansion Powerful Expansibility


Recently, CHUWI exposed a world’s mini PC 4K mini PC Chuwi LarkBox, which will go live on June 23 on Indiegogo. With the ultra-small size and great performance, LarkBox has aroused a lot of attention.  Now CHUWI has revealed a new feature of LarkBox. It will support M.2 SSD disk expansion. It’s unbelievable that such high expansibility in such a small body size.

High-speed SSD expand to TB capacity

It can be seen from the actual internal disassembly diagram of LarkBox, there is indeed a reserved M.2 SSD expansion port with the size of 2242, which supports SATA 3.0 M.2 high-speed SSD expansion storage. Meanwhile, we also noticed that LarkBox is highly operable for self-upgrading, and the process is very simple. Just remove the screw at the bottom and the back cover to install SSD.

Powerful expansion leads to an improved experience

Compared with the original 128GB eMMC storage, the expanded SSD has other advantages besides increased capacity. The biggest improvement is the high-speed reading and writing ability of SSD. After upgrading the SSD, the reading and writing speed can reach 500MB/s, which can actually bring a better experience for daily use.

Small body, powerful expansion

Chuwi LarkBox has an extremely small body size, which can be grasped with one hand. It is very convenient to use in many scenes. Larkbox supports SSD hard disk expansion and perfect interface type, which greatly improves the practicability. It is an excellent mini PC in both portability and practicality. LarkBox will go live on June 23 on Indiegogo with a crowdfunding price of $169. Sign up can get more discounts. More information about it visit on the official Chuwi website.


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