CHUWI LarkBox world’s smallest 4K mini PC will go live on Indiegogo on June 24th


CHUWI will launch the world’s smallest mini PC LarkBox on Indiegogo at 13:00 on June 24 (PST). Chuwi LarkBox features an ultra-small body, Intel J4115 processor, 4K ultra HD video output, 6GB RAM, and 128GB ROM combination and M.2 SSD expansion. The official price is $155, while the price of the crowdfunding is as low as $169, but you can back the project on Indiegogo with a special Our perk. All you have to do is to follow our secret perk link to the campaign, where you will find the limited $149 price for the tiny CHUWI LarkBox, the lowest price will be $139 for sign up.

The small body size can be the most distinctive feature of LarkBox, which brings abundant usage scenes. Meanwhile, it also performs well in daily work. With the Intel J4115 processor, it can decode 4K video smoothly. With a diminutive size of 61*61*43mm (0.16L), LarkBox is a compact marvel, and extremely easy to carry around. Meanwhile, the ultra-small body takes up little space. It supports VESA hanger, which can be used in many scenes, office all-in-one machine, TV box, AD display host, and other purposes.

Chuwi LarkBox features the Intel J4115 military-grade processor, which is stable and durable. It’s suitable for daily office and other purposes. Built-in UHD 600 graphics card, it can smoothly hard decode 4K Ultra HD video. It supports HDMI 4K resolution output and can be placed in the living room as a streaming TV box. LarkBox comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM combination. It supports the M.2 SSD expansion, opens and uses daily software smoothly. Meanwhile, it also features abundant interfaces, such as USB-A *2, 3.5mm headphone interface, HDMI, Type-C, and other types of interfaces. Besides, It can connect the keyboard and mouse and other peripherals.

With ultra-small mini body and 4K output performance, Chuwi LarkBox has achieved the characteristics of products. The small body expands a variety of usage scenes. Meanwhile, powerful internal performance increases its user experience and practicability. LarkBox is a positive attempt by CHUWI to differentiate excellent products. Chuwi LarkBox will go live on Indiegogo soon. The official price is $155, while the price of the crowdfunding is as low as $169, buy it from private link can get $149, the lowest price will be $139 for sign up. For more information about it visit on the official Chuwi website.


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