Chuwi MiniBook has Great Advantages That you Should know Before Purchasing


The Chuwi MiniBook turned out to be a surprisingly balanced netbook with good performance, a vibrant Full HD touchscreen display and a good selection of ports. MiniBook is a UMPC and is only quarter the size of a regular notebook. It can be transformed into any device you desire it to be, a laptop, a workstation, and even a tablet. It achieves all this with the help of its 360° flipping YOGA design. The advantages of Chuwi MiniBook Are Here.

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The company offers you a good 8-inch screen with a high resolution of 1920*1200. It also comes with a full lamination touch LCD with great response time. The screen isn’t too big to hinder portability and it isn’t too small to cause strain on your eyes.

SSD expansion slot

This UMPC also comes with an M.2 SSD card slot and this makes the Minibook the first UMPC to come with expandable storage. You can even add a microSD if you want more storage. Unique YOGA 360° rotating design. Everyone loves a device that can do more than it’s expected to. So not only is this a notebook, but it is also a tablet and a workstation. Just utilize the YOGA 360° and make it whatever you want it to be.


The keyboard is simply amazing. When it comes to a UMPC, one always worries about how troublesome it would be to use such a minuscule keyboard, however, the Minibook’s keyboard follows a full-sized, full-spaced layout and comes in both Japanese and US English.


You don’t have to worry about not being able to carry out video calls on a UMPC, because the Chuwi Minibook comes with one!


This UMPC will have two variants. One will have the Intel Core M3 8100Y and the other will have an Intel Celeron N4100 processor. With two options, you can always pick one that suits your budgets and processor requirements. The former is great for multitasking while the latter is great for its speed. The heat sink is basically an optimized silent fan that uses thermal extraction to ensure that your processor doesn’t slow down and you are never disturbed due to the annoying fan noise.

Memory & Storage

The dual-channel LPDDR3 8GB memory cards ensure that you perform high-speed multitasking. It has an amazing response time and you can easily work on your spreadsheets while conducting a video call. Pretty call, right?

Battery life & Ports

Now the most obvious factor to always consider is battery life. The Chuwi Minibook comes with a 7000mAH battery with 7.6V input for fast charging. It also comes with a PD charging protocol. Powerbanks over 5V is also supported. It also features 2 USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and a mini HDMI.

Operating System

Let’s not forget the most obvious point yet. It comes with a full Windows 10 version that gives you the whole desktop experience but with the added benefits of being a highly mobile device.


Now when you look at something with so many features, you immediately worry about the price. If you look at the following product-wise comparison, you will realize that in relation to the features, the price is pretty pocket-friendly. you can buy it from Gearbest at $429.99 in Flash Sale, for more information visit on official Chuwi website.

Buy Chuwi MiniBook from Gearbest


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