Chuwi MiniBook Passes Various Performance Tests


The Chuwi MiniBook is the new notebook of the brand, which stands out for its small size. But despite this small size, it is a laptop that gives many possibilities, in addition to a great performance at all times. After the publication of the video review of the new pocket laptop Chuwi MiniBook, we had the opportunity to find out what the performance of this tiny laptop is in the N4100 and 8100Y versions.

let’s start with the processor performance test. Chuwi MiniBook N4100 scored 186.9 and 739.9 points in a single and multi-threaded test in CPU-Z, while the 8100Y was able to show a much higher result in 271.5 and 776.6 points.

When tested in the CineBench R15, the N4100 laptop showed a result of 174cb (CPU) and 12.22 fps (GPU). Indicators 8100Y, again, were significantly higher – 218 cb and 25.01 fps.

Next in line was the Geekbench 4 benchmark, where the 8100Y was able to score 3658 points in a single-threaded test, twice ahead of the N4100. The results of multi-threaded notebook tests look like this – 6067 and 5368 points respectively.

Judging by these tests, the new Chuwi MiniBook on the Intel Core 8100Y processor shows outstanding performance in almost all tasks. And, although the performance of the N4100 cannot be compared with the 8100Y, it still looks impressive and is quite sufficient for office work and entertainment.

The performance of the N4100 is in line with our expectations, and this laptop comes with the game Devil May Cry 4. Not to mention the much more powerful configuration of the laptop based on the Core 8100Y. Its standard version is equipped with 128GB of EMMC and M.2 SSD memory. Therefore, we tested the capabilities of both types of laptop memory.

We see that the read/write speed of EMMC memory reaches 237/121MB / s, which is enough for the most demanding office documents. And for more serious loads, users can consider installing into a laptop 4-6 times faster than this memory, M.2 SSD. In this case, the older version of the MiniBook is equipped with M.2 SSD with support for the NVMe protocol, which is 3 times faster than a conventional solid-state drive and has a read / write speed of up to 1398/142MB / s.

Despite the miniature size of the Chuwi MiniBook, it has the same performance as the much larger notebooks. And even more interesting is that the first buyers of new items will be able to get a discount of 25%.


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