Chuwi MiniBook Review: Mini Notebook with Intel Core Processor & 8-inch Screen


Chuwi is one of the most active brands in the notebook market. The company already has ready its new model, the Chuwi MiniBook, which as they have confirmed is already going to be launched soon in the market. A laptop of reduced size, designed to be very easy to carry at all times with you. A different concept, but with which the brand hopes to obtain good results.

The screen of this MiniBook of Chuwi has a size of 8 inches, with an IPS panel. The dimension of MiniBook is 201 * 128.6 * 19.3 mm, which is as small as a wallet. It can be put in your pocket like a wallet, that’s why it’s called a pocket notebook. The weight of the machine is only 650g. It is comfortable to hold and easy to carry out. Compared with mobile phones, MiniBook is only a little bigger. Thanks to MiniBook’s tiny size, you can pull it out of your pocket anytime and anywhere for office or creative work. If you forget to carry the mouse with you, don’t worry. MiniBook’s screen supports multi-touch and can also be clicked more accurately and quickly.

MiniBook also adopts YOGA design that can be flipped into 360°. The keyboard can also act as a bracket so that MiniBook can be used as a tablet. The 8.0-inch single-handed good-sized screen allows MiniBook to become an e-book in your hand. In addition, MiniBook also comes with multiple I/O ports, which can be extended by external mouse and U disk.

It has opted for an Intel Core M3-8100Y in it, although you can also choose an Intel Celeron N4100. So that each one is going to be able to choose in his case. The RAM is 8 GB in this case and has a storage in the form of 128 GB SSD. For connectivity, a USB-C port is used, in addition to other ports in it.

It is presented as one of the most versatile models of the Chinese brand, designed for all types of users. From professionals to students, to the laptop that you take on your vacation, saving space in the suitcase. In addition, it is a powerful laptop, despite its small size, which promises a good performance for users.

The Chuwi MiniBook is now available on Indiegogo, Sign Up Now to Get Secret Perks with 25% OFF, where you can get it already at a great price, in addition to having more information about the laptop and its launch. To learn more and participate in the campaign, click on this link.


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