Chuwi UBook vs Chuwi UBook Pro Review – What’s the Difference Between?


Chuwi does not stop launching interesting devices and his latest 2-in-1 tablet seems one of the most versatile of the year. It has just been introduced and the new UBook Pro has aroused the interest of thousands of users. The new Chuwi UBook Pro mounts a refined design, lots of power and will be available at an interesting price. It is worth it to take a look if you are looking for an alternative that can work very well as a tablet and also as a PC. They targeted the mobile office industry with the UBook, and now the UBook Pro, with a focus on versatility, quality, performance, and portability. Let’s check out a quick comparison review of both Chuwi UBook vs Chuwi UBook Pro here.


Chuwi UBook Pro is equipped with a 12.3-inch full-laminated IPS screen, which is beautiful and bright. It supports up to 2048 levels of stylus pressure sensitivity. The 3:2 aspect ratio makes reading on this screen more comfortable. 9mm thickness with a light body of only 780g, more convenient for daily carrying and office work on-the-go. Tablet mode is portable to take anywhere. UBook Pro demonstrates powerful features in office, entertainment, and creation. Chuwi UBook Pro has impressive texture, lightweight, and excellent portability. It’s suitable for office workers, students, and other groups. The 3:2 screen and the U-shaped kickstand are also very practical. It is relatively innovative in a group of tablets.

And Chuwi Ubook is a hybrid, a device consisting of a tablet and keyboard, which can be disconnected at any time. Thanks to this, it can play two roles: a classic tablet and something like a laptop. If necessary, the user can also use the feet to place the equipment on, for example, a desk or a table (inclination up to 145°). The Chuwi Ubook is equipped with an 11.6-inch touch-screen IPS display. However, the manufacturer has not yet provided its resolution and proportions. The screen can also be operated with the stylus, which detects 1024 pressure levels. The tablet is 9 mm thick and weighs 760 grams. A backlit keyboard with a touchpad can also be connected to the tablet via a magnetic connector.


Chuwi UBook Pro has some interesting enhancements to its original tablet. The processor is the first big change, being an upgrade from an Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor of the previous Chuwi UBook tablet, to a high-efficiency 8th, Gen Intel Core m3-8100Y processor with a claimed overall increase in performance of 50% compared to the original UBook tablets. The 128/256 GB M.2 SSD is able to read and write at up to 500MB/s compared to the eMMC of the UBook, this performance increase means the UBook Pro saves much faster than before and helps with start-up speeds and application loading. The stylus pressure sensitivity is increased from 1024 to 2048 in the HiPen H5, which is applicable to stroke thickness and the handwriting accuracy, which can translate into more complex graphics and improved handwriting capability.


The keyboard has the same key switches as the Surface series and the back-lit keyboard design has improved the overall typing experience, which is suited to the mobile office capability that the UBook Pro is built to deliver.

Chuwi UBook Pro is equipped with a vast I/O, featuring 1* DC port for charging, 2* USB-A, 1* USB-C with support for PD charging, 1* Micro HDMI, 1* 3.5mm headphone jack and a DC input for charging. Additionally, you’ll find a TF card reader and a docking connector. No dongles, no hassle! To provide a completely future-proof experience, we also included a fully functional USB-C 3.0, capable of 5 Gbps transfer speeds that also doubles up as a secondary charging port. What’s more, you can easily connect it to a projector or a hub.

And Chuwi UBook interfaces is enough for you to connect all your different devices. Despite the slim body, we still made room for two high-speed USB-A interfaces on each side. You can connect to any USB-based peripherals such as a printer, USB flash disk and USB Hub. Of course, you can also output high-definition videos to the TV through the micro HDMI interface.


According to several aspects comparison between Chuwi UBook vs Chuwi UBook Pro, they are both budget Mini Laptop which is affordable, Both comes with different specs you can check out. So according to what exactly you might be looking, you can find, in Design, Hardware, and Features. According to the overall comparison with Chuwi UBook vs Chuwi UBook Pro, you will know the main difference and similarity. Chuwi UBook Pro is currently in the process of crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. For More Information, you can visit on Official Chuwi UBook and Chuwi UBook Pro Pages.


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