Chuwi UBook X Tablet Vs Corebook Pro Comparison Review


The Chuwi UBook X Tablet doesn’t just keep the marvelous introduction, conservativeness, battery life, and extraordinary U-formed zone yet, in like manner, changes the 16:9 point of view degree to 3:2. What’s more, the screen is a move to 12 inch 2K IPS screen. While Chuwi Corebook Pro goes with a 14-inch screen. It has dainty edges and its 2560 × 1440 pixels 100% sRGB show makes it a genuine insignificant decreased film. It’s most fully informed regarding the latest advancement from Chuwi.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Display and Design

Chuwi UBook X Tablet workstations and tablets depend upon a 16: 9 point of view degree. Regardless, after the dispatch of Microsoft Surface strategy things, the 3:2 renames screen degree. The motivation driving why Microsoft so vivaciously suggests this screen degree is that 3:2 is when in doubt near the A4 standard paper degree. You can say no thanks to it as a book.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Chuwi Corebook Pro screen gets a 14-inch 2K target IPS board with a full-screen structure. The high screen-to-body degree brings an astonishing beginning introduction, and the substance show off is delicate and clear which is reasonable for extended length seeing.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Utilizing Chuwi UBook X Tablet in any scene looks not uncommon. In like way, it is incredibly huge for text applications, for example, taking notes, investigating propelled books, and preparing records. Other than that, you can have an obviously famous visual experience when watching films or visiting goals with the 3:2 point of view degree screen.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

It a 3:2 perspective degree, which is dynamically fitting for the advantage, can show more substance than 16:9 screens under near office reports, web inspecting, and information seeing conditions. There is no persuading clarification a ton of the time turn pages and slide the material wheel to finish work and study considerably more proficiently. It weighs 1.53 kilos and is 36.2 cm wide, 24.2 cm critical and 1.59 cm thick. It is as such a 14 inch restricted and light enough to permit an essential unforeseen development.

Chuwi UBook X Tablet

Chuwi UBook X Tablet is just 9mm thick and contained lightweight aluminum-magnesium amalgam. One of the most striking structures is the interminably versatile U-molded section, in which you can change distinctive concentrations and structures as per the utilizing scene.


The Chuwi UBook X highlights Intel N4100 processor, 4 centers 4 strings, turbo rehash 2.4GHz. It can without a truly astounding stretch change in accordance with the bit by bit office and redirection needs. While showing competent yield execution comparatively as keeping up low force utilization and improving battery life. 8GB LPDDR4 twofold channel memory and 256GB SSD accumulating are appropriate for bit by bit use. With the base of Windows 10, the speed of playing out various tasks foundation and programming reaction races to improve effectiveness gigantically.

The Chuwi CoreBook Pro highlights the Intel Core i3 processor, iris 50GPU,8GB DDR4 memory. Also, It has 256GB speedy SSD storing up, which can advantageously yield because of the workplace and different scenes. More, Its Perform various endeavors exchanging is smooth ceaselessly, which inconceivably improves customer productivity.


Chuwi UBook X Tablet has a 12 inch 2K(2160*1440) IPS contact screen to show the most tricky display for the image and text. The screen gets a 3:2 perspective degree masterminded as same as the Microsoft Surface blueprint things. It has progressively vertical space and an extended substance presentation area. It isn’t basic to every so often turn pages or slides the mouse wheel when arranging reports, which is required to improve office advantage and effectiveness. Also, the screen bolsters contact and pointer too. The most raised level of weight affectability can be 4096. It can present to you a smooth and cautious experience when you note or draw.

Tablet structure is gainful for visiting goals and redirection. By then change the U-shaped fragment to remain on the deck for watching films. You can even accomplice the engaging console to the journal mode to connect with able substance input. UBook X can be utilizing in any scene impeccably and gave to wherever due to its meager and light body and the U-molded section.


Chuwi UBook X Tablet is a sublime decision for whom a great part of the time works in the groupings scene. Despite what outside office, home redirection, or homeroom learning utilizes as reasonably as could be ordinary considering the current circumstance. Also, different highlights like 2K objective, 3:2 perspective degree, and snappy SSD are additionally functional. The Chuwi Corebook Pro is a stunning little PC. The 3:2 point degree is a requesting eye-opener. Also, It’s recalling that we can protest about the Skylake-based Intel processor. It passes on some astoundingly strong benchmark numbers. Both of these are available  at Chuwi Store


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