CIVILTOP Air Notebook Design, Hardware, Features Review


The highly popular smartphone manufacturer of China has got stunning elements of design and specifications, which makes sense in more than one way. The CIVILTOP Air Notebook is much beyond just a copy. It’s more like company’s vision to compete with its role model MacBook Air with a similar design interface, at a lower price. CIVILTOP Air Notebook is equipped with a 12.5 inch TFT display, brings your photos and videos to life. Fingerprint recognition function is supported to allow you to get into your device quickly, convenient, secure and fast. With such a unique design of unlocking, CIVILTOP Air Notebook is perfect for your daily use.


The 12.5-inch CIVILTOP Air Notebook is a few hairline thinner and shorter than the 13-inch Macbook Pro while it is noticeably lighter. Overall build is solid with no flexes on the chassis and screen. The hinge tension on the screen is good where you can lift the lid easily with one hand. But there’s an apparent vibration every time you tilt or move the screen. The feet on the bottom add some height but those keep the Notebook Air away from scratches. The ports are a little skimpy with a USB Type-C on the right for both data and fast charging and no other port its has. A 3.5mm audio jack, and Dolby Audio support. Not a ton of ports. CIVILTOP Air Notebook Notebook comes with Metal body and having mat surface with Fingerprint recognition function is supported to allow you to get into your device quickly, convenient, secure and fast. With such a unique design of unlocking. Compared to a blank front side, back side of this laptop is bit messy, having screws, heating fan, stand pads and dual speakers.



The Notebook Air is a powerful, thin, and light laptop. While many tech analysts are skeptical. The notebook is packed with an Intel Apollo lake Celeron N3450 1.44GHz,Quad Core and Intel HD 500 graphics, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 128GB EMMC storage. It arrives with a 7.4V/4000mAh, Li-ion polymer battery , which should last for at least 3-4 hours following a single charge, measures 29.42 x 20.00 x 1.26 cm, and weighs 1.0270 kg. Xiaomi’s notebook is available in only One color gold.


Along the 0.3MP Single camera that’s pretty okay for video calling and few snaps. We clearly don’t have the Windows Hello integration here which is preserved to more capable Windows Ultrabooks.

Screen and keyboard

CIVILTOP Air Notebook equips a 12.5-inch of touchscreen and a pretty good keyboard. Notebook is much handy in terms of usage, you can open screen lid with one hand smoothly. Touchscreen have a shining cover glass for a better view on screen with 1080 pixel resolution. Screen glass is much harder than what you have in smartphones and can be cleaned very easily.

Now we will talk about its keyboard, as it is essential and an important part of laptop to review. Keyboard color is black with strong print so that you can use it for a longer time without losing colors on keys. Keys are relatively soft however don’t have enough elasticity but there will be no effect on typing speed. Touchpad of CIVILTOP Air Notebook will give you better feeling while sliding your finger on glass surface. Touchpad of windows notebook and MacBook are popular for their multiple touch gestures. While keeping same experience CIVILTOP also introduced With Fingerprint recognition function in this machine.


The CIVILTOP Air Notebook 12.5-inch makes a really great option for people wanting to have an Ultrabook. It’s light, slick, and yet capable to get your work done. The robust battery life is also a big plus for those who are always on the road. You Buy from GEARBEST in $355.21 After apply This Coupon VIPTableta13


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