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Clumsy Bird is an adventurous, but not necessarily a very funny, game. In fact, its very serious theme and storyline may even make you think twice about playing it. But on the other hand, the simplicity of its design and gameplay can make playing it a fun experience. In this game, you have to save a bird named Fappy from a group of dangerous predators. You do this by collecting pieces scattered around the screen and then releasing them into a designated location. You can play this funny game at for free

This game is more of an action puzzle than a platformer. It requires you to think like a bird, using its six remaining body parts to move throughout the environment and solve puzzles or avoid enemies. The whole point of Clumsy Bird is not to let your bird crash into any of the rocks while keeping it afloat. The controls take the form of holding up one of your bird’s legs, which moves it and flapping its wings in a circular motion. Its tail is used to attack enemies, and its beak is used to grab items and use them against enemies and hazards.

How yo play Clumsy Bird

You start off the game by selecting an avatar (based on the popular Disney film titled Finding Nemo) from a wide selection of choices. Once you’ve chosen your character, you enter the sea with a pod of fish following you. When your pod crew starts to encounter some underwater obstacles, you need to use every part of your limbs to maneuver your way around them. If an enemy gets in your way, you have to divert your attention to another object until you’re able to clear the path through the maze to reach your destination.

The storyline of this game is reminiscent of many a cartoon I have enjoyed. In fact, many people may not know this, but Clumsy Bird was created by Disney. It has been hyped as one of the best games developed for the Wii platform, and many people agree with me. The visuals are colorful and the storyline is entertaining. What I really like though is that the game is not at all difficult. This game will make even the easiest players go gaga over the game.

There is quite a bit of hidden object scene to discover in this game. I particularly loved the ones that I found in the underwater lab. I especially loved the “Jelly Fish” scene that revealed why my pet was so lethargic and sleepy lately. In order to find out more about the story, I held up my Wii Remotes and diligently searched for more objects. By the time I was nearing the end of the level, I had collected every item I could find and was ready to beat the game.

All in all, I found this game to be charming and entertaining. Playing as goofy little Buzzy, I was able to experience a nice balance between solving puzzles and having a great time swinging around the platformer-like environment. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of playing this game and would recommend it to any Bird Games lovers out there. If you enjoy hidden object style games then you’ll love this game.


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