CMACEWHEEL Y20 Review – Electric Moped Bike at $1,139.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


Cycling is a great sport. Electric bikes will keep you active, allow you to enjoy the sport of biking, and most importantly enjoy the outdoors. We yearned for the harmony that e-Bike brings to life, it has been increasingly regarded as a green alternative to polluting vehicles. The CMACEWHEEL Y20 Electric Moped Bike is powerful, affordable, durable, quiet, clean looking, easy to use and can bring you tons of fun! This performs perfectly through the city or on light off-road trails with an integrated headlight and suspension to absorb shocks. Whether you are a commuter, senior, casual rider or sports fan, this is the bike built for everyone.

Buy CMACEWHEEL Y20 Electric Moped Bike at Geekbuying


This CMACEWHEEL Y20 Electric Moped Bike is the only 30.6KG, which is convenient for girls to carry. It can easily move home to prevent theft. The folding size is 95 * 75 * 48cm. The strong aluminium alloy frame is lightweight and does not rust. The maximum load is 120 kg. The seat is ergonomic design, with high-quality thickened and high-elastic sea filling, which is more comfortable for long-distance riding. With high-intensity taillights, night riding is safer. The ergonomic design of the bicycle half handle sets has a lower failure rate and is non-slip. At the same time, linear handling is better. The resistance is smaller, and it fully comes with your every acceleration start. 3.5 inches central control with three kinds of power mode multifunctional intelligent instruments. Stay alert of the electric quantity display, gear adjustment, speed display, mileage and headlight display.

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The CMACEWHEEL Y20 Electric Moped Bike comes with stable 750W high-speed brushless motor and removable 48V(54V)-15AH top brand lithium battery which can reach 25-35km (fully electric mode) to 40-60km (pedal assist mode) under ideal condition. The tires are CST 20” x 4” and rated for a 5psi-30psi, and has some bump absorption with its knobby tread. At lower levels, such as 5psi, really work well on various terrains such as sand or snow, We highly recommend dropping that tire pressure if you want to take it out on adventures because it makes a world of difference.


The effective-shock-absorbing front fork, front and rear dual disc brakes, LCD cycling computer provides 5 gears, 7-speed Shimano professional transmission, throttle, LED energy-saving headlights, bike phone holder, horn, suitable for long-distance riding shock seat, etc. These are at least 2 impulses in the whole life. One is for love without concerning consequence, and the other is for a travel without delay. Take it to go on a trip at any time.


The CMACEWHEEL Y20 Electric Moped Bike has finished assembling 90% before shipment, usually, you need to assemble the saddle, pedals and handlebar. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $1,139.99 by using coupon code: GKB529S

Buy CMACEWHEEL Y20 Electric Moped Bike at Geekbuying


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