Cobos DEEBOT T9 Review: Sweeping and Mopping is Really Versatile


Today, when it comes to sweeping robots, which are huge cleaning appliances, the main demand and pain points of users in their daily use are still the same-the planning and obstacle avoidance effects that are deeply affected by the degree of intelligence, based on the hardware platform. Out of the cleaning performance. After the black swan incident in 2020, the industry’s blankness in the sterilization and odour removal function of the sweeping robot is gradually revealed. In response to this, Cobos has brought an innovative benchmark that aligns with users’ pain points and fills the gaps in the industry. It is Cobos DEEBOT T9 Vacuum Cleaner, which has made considerable upgrades and innovations in terms of technical solutions and functions.

First, through the application of millimetre-level 3D structured light technology and dToF, it has perfected and upgraded True Mapping global planning and True Detect 3D detection. Based on the detection data, T9 achieved the goal of adopting different obstacle avoidance strategies for different obstacle attributes, while supporting the construction 3D three-dimensional floor plan, enhance the degree of intelligence to improve cleaning efficiency.

In terms of functions, Cobos Dibao DEEBOT T9 has filled a long-standing industry gap, creatively adding fragrance deodorization function to the sweeping robot, and has been affirmed by users with its sterilization function on Cobos Dibao Dibao N8, Also appeared on the DEEBOT T9 of Cobos Dibao, covering the fresh demand of users for ground sterilization. As for the experience, we will conduct actual testing and verification in the next article. The following is our detailed evaluation of Cobos Dibao DEEBOT T9.

Design & Appearance

The overall shape of Cobos DEEBOT T9 is relatively simple, and the whole body is white, which is more suitable for the home environment. It can be regarded as a work of art just by placing it in the corner. There is a start button on the body shell of Cobos DEEBOT T9. For elderly users, there is no need to operate the mobile phone APP. Pressing this physical button can also make Cobos DEEBOT T9 move to automatically complete cleaning or pause work.

At the bottom of the fuselage, universal wheels, driving wheels, charging electrodes and other components are all available. At the same time, it can be seen that it adopts a double-sided brush design, which generally has a better cleaning effect than a single-sided brush.

A detachable electronically controlled water tank can be installed on the “butt” to support multi-level water volume adjustment.

Navigation and obstacle avoidance

This generation of Cobos DEEBOT T9 has upgraded the obstacle avoidance planning system to version 2.0. Based on the 1mm-level dToF that has been used in the previous generation, it has carried out a core upgrade that incorporates structured light technology and 3D imaging algorithms. This improves the speed and accuracy of the map creation, and is not affected by strong light and dark light, and can create maps in any lighting environment.

Cobos DEEBOT T9’s top protruding part is the radar detection module of the TrueMapping global planning system, which uses dToF. dToF is a sub-category of TOF technology, which refers to “direct flight” (there is also a subdivision technology called iTOF, which refers to “indirect flight”). As the name implies, it emits light pulses directly to the measuring object and then measures the reflection The time interval between the light pulse and the emitted light pulse, thereby obtaining the flight time of the light. In this way, the depth information of the measured object is obtained.

The accuracy of dToF depends on the duration of its pulse, so the measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability will not be significantly reduced as the distance increases. The error at different distances is more stable than most solutions. It can also capture relatively high accuracy and low accuracy at long distances. Noisy, high-confidence in-depth information.

For the sweeping robot, this means that it can obtain finer 3D mesh details, accurately restore the shape of the object, and create more accurate maps for complex home environments. Usually, the sweeping robot scans the floor plan. It can be seen that the DEEBOT T9 can scan out the 3D floor plan and restore the floor structure.

Look at the bottom of the Cobos DEEBOT T9, the dark area is the TrueDetect 3D structured light sensor. The principle is to use an infrared light source, the emitted light is coded and projected on the object, and the generated pattern is reflected back from the surface of the object, thereby collecting different image phase information.

3D structured light sensor

In this way, for common obstacles in daily life, Cobos Deebot T9 faces obstacles such as shoes, socks, chairs, wires and so on in daily life. After scanning and detecting, the obstacle avoidance algorithm can determine different avoidances. Obstacle distance, such as. Facing small objects, start avoiding obstacles at a distance of 6cm to prevent objects from entanglement with the roller brush/side brush

Facing the wire, start to avoid obstacles at a distance of 5cm to prevent the wire from being entangled. Facing other large objects, start to avoid obstacles at a distance of about 3cm to protect the home while covering the more clean area.

According to actual measurement, DEEBOT T9 can perceive small and light obstacles such as mobile phones. When encountering highly “dangerous” items that are easily entangled like data cables, the obstacle avoidance distance of the DEEBOT T9 will obviously be lengthened.

For objects such as table legs and chair legs that are not threatened by entanglement, the DEEBOT T9 will shrink to the limit before starting to avoid obstacles.

Cleaning test

Cobos DEEBOT T9 is not only upgraded in obstacle avoidance and navigation but also has significant improvements in cleaning functions and performance.

Among them, for the most basic sweeping performance, the DEEBOT T9 of Cobos Deebot has achieved a leap-forward increase in suction power-the 19,000 rpm fan has doubled the suction power of the previous generation from 1500 Pa to 3000 Pa, with its blue whale The cleaning system can even deeply remove the dust in the cracks on the ground.

Of course, not every household needs such a large suction power for every cleaning. Cobos Deebot T9 provides a multi-stage suction adjustment mode of 200/600/1500/3000Pa, of which 200Pa is the silent mode; 600Pa is the standard model; 1500Pa is the strong mode; 3000Pa is the last big move-super mode.

Looking at the actual measurement, after the maximum suction power is released, the DEEBOT T9 can swallow the screw and even the needle can be forcibly sucked up.

It is worth mentioning that after lifting the upper cover of the sweeping robot, take out the dust box and discard the garbage. Users with a sufficient budget can also use it with the Auto-Empty automatic dust collector, which has a built-in 2.5L disposable dust bag, which can basically be thrown once a month, completely freeing hands.

If necessary, you can add money to buy Auto-Empty automatic dust collector

Prior to this, the performance of many sweeping robots was actually not good enough. In the early days, even quite a few products used drip-type water tanks. The water seepage speed is uncontrollable, and it is easy to soak the wooden floor at any time. The water seepage cannot be stopped under the charging and suspension state.

Many sweeping robot products lack the cleaning power during the wet mopping process, occasionally causing the situation that only the ground is wetted, and the dust and dirt are dragged everywhere without being cleaned.

In this regard, Cobos Debao DEEBOT T9 can be regarded as the user’s pain points, using the newly upgraded OZMO Pro 2.0 high-frequency vibration wiping system, which can achieve 480 times per minute of silent and strong towing.

This work can also be used with a disposable wet mop. When using it, paste the disposable wet mop directly to the bottom of the water tank, and dispose of it directly after dragging, without changing the wash.

Cobos Dibao DEEBOT T9 mopped the ground mainly by simulating human hands, using motor-linked wiper support to wipe the ground at a high frequency of up to 480 times per minute, and it can basically sweep away the common dirt.

It is worth mentioning that the Cobos supporting APP supports the forbidden towing zone function. In the area where the towing is not set, the Cobos DEEBOT T9 can lock the water tank through electronic control, which can save water and reduce the frequency of water replacement. , Don’t worry about getting wet in some places that shouldn’t be wet.

At present, sweeping robot products that follow up the sterilization function are relatively rare. However, after 2020, the demand for sterilization by users will increase. We found that the mop provided with the DEEBOT T9 has become a disposable wet mop with sterilization function, and the mop contains a sterilizing liquid with a little lavender smell.

According to the test report, it has a killing rate of 99.9% against daily pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, as well as Aspergillus terreus, which is very suitable for home users who have a strong need for sterilization.

In daily floor cleaning, whether it is the peculiar smell caused by the growth of mould on the floor or the peculiar smell left by cats, dogs and pets, it is actually a major pain point that plagues users. However, it has been ignored by robot vacuum products for a long time, so it has always been blank. The Cobos DEEBOT T9 is equipped with the industry’s first Air Freshener indoor mobile fragrance system to fill this gap.

This also makes Cobos Dibao DEEBOT T9 the only sweeping robot with its own fragrance. Specifically, it is equipped with a fragrance module called Deodorant Companion, which has an air duct and reserved fragrance capsules. It also supports APP electronic control. When the machine is idle, the machine will automatically lock the fragrance to prevent the aromatherapy oil from escaping and causing waste when the machine is idle.

At present, this fragrance system offers three types of fragrance options: “Blue Windbell, Cucumber and Oak Moss, Bergamot and Lavender”. Cobos Dibao DEEBOT T9 comes with the “blue wind chime” scent by default. After the personal experience, the author feels that its scent is relatively calm and does not flush the nose, and is quite durable.

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The drastic changes at the beginning of 2020 have brought a considerable impact on the growth of clean electrical appliances. Users are paying more and more attention to household hygiene and are more willing to pay for good products and good experiences. The competition among clean electrical appliances is not Then there is a low-end price war that competes with paper parameters but takes the actual use of consumers as the starting point for product innovation and upgrades.

Based on this, the robot cleaner category represented by Cobos Deebot T9 emphasizes the creation of excellent software and hardware experience more than in the past.

This work focuses on upgrading the cleaning ability. The most obvious thing is that the suction power has been doubled. The 19000 rpm fan makes the suction power of this work jump directly from the previous generation of 1500Pa to 3000Pa. In the actual measurement, the maximum suction file is released. After that, the needle that is not easy to pick up, whether it is a screw or a finger, can be forcibly sucked up.

The high-frequency vibration mopping system upgraded to OZMO Pro 2.0 can achieve 480 times per minute of silent and strong mopping. It can be used with a disposable wet mop to clean the dirt after it is wiped and toss mop when it is used up. Such sweeping and dragging capabilities help Cobos DEEBOT T9 free users’ hands from complicated housework.

At present, there are relatively few sweeping robot products that follow up the sterilization function. Cobos Deebot T9 has a keen sense of smell. The mop that came with it has become a disposable wet mop with a sterilization function. According to the test report, it is correct. Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, as well as Aspergillus terreus, have a killing rate of 99.9%, which is very suitable for household users who have a strong need for sterilization.

The Air Freshener indoor mobile fragrance system pioneered by Cobos Dibao DEEBOT T9 fills a gap in the industry, making it the only sweeping robot with its own fragrance. The fragrance filled the room.

In addition to the cleaning effect, Cobos also endows the sweeping robot with stronger obstacle avoidance and navigation capabilities-based on the 1mm-level dToF that has been used in the previous generation, structured light technology and 3D imaging algorithms are incorporated, and the speed and accuracy of mapping have since been Improved, and not affected by strong light and dark light can create pictures in any lighting environment.

This allows this work to obtain finer 3D mesh details, accurately restore the shape of the object, and cooperate with the obstacle avoidance algorithm to determine different obstacle avoidance distances, such as: facing a small object, starting to avoid obstacles at a distance of 6cm to prevent objects from entanglement Rolling brush/side brush; facing the wire, start to avoid obstacles at a distance of 5cm to prevent the wire from entanglement; facing other large objects, start to avoid obstacles at a distance of about 3cm to protect the home while covering the more clean area.

On the whole, the DEEBOT T9, which is sold at RMB 2,999, is excellent work that can bring the ultimate cleaning experience. It is smart enough to perceive the environment more accurately than in the past, complete path planning more efficiently, and clean. Significantly enhanced, and the mobile fragrance system that fills the gap has brought surprises. It can be regarded as a benchmark masterpiece in the sweeping robot industry in 2021.

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