Common Mobile Phone Issues and How to Solve Them


Everybody depends on their phone to carry out day-to-day tasks. Even though phone technology is at its peak, some mobile phone issues are not rare. The good news is that you can fix such problems by yourself without consulting anyone.

In cases where your phone is too old, the solution is getting a new one using T-Mobile promotions. Below are some common mobile phone issues and how to solve them.

Slow Phone

This problem is standard for mobile phones that have been in operation for many years. However, the new devices can also experience this problem. Your phone can become slow due to a lack of enough space on its Random-Access Memory (RAM).

You can solve this problem by clearing storage space by either deleting or closing the apps you do not need on your phone. You can use Google Drive or Dropbox to save what is meaningful to you, then restore your phone to its factory settings.


Most overheating phones have a battery problem. Your charger or where you usually keep your phone can also lead to overheating. If the problem stays without a solution, it can cause damage to the phone battery and screen.

If the battery is the problem, you can limit functions on the phone that reduce the battery. You can also change the charger you use and find a different place to keep the phone to avoid overheating. You can also refresh your phone and leave it for a few minutes before using it again.

Poor Battery Life

Several factors could cause this, and it is essential to counter them before your phone battery becomes useless. Begin by dimming the screen brightness. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi if you do not need them. Enabling your phone’s battery saver mode can also help you prolong the battery life.

You can also use your phone setting to check for battery usage. Doing so will let you know which apps are draining the most battery charge. You can disable those that you usually do not use.

Phone Freezing

Most old phones or those without enough storage tend to freeze. Most people turn their phones off then on to solve the problem. But when the screen freezes, restarting it can be impossible. You can long-press the power button for a few seconds to trigger the device to restart. When the phone restarts, the hanging problem stops.

Insufficient Storage 

Most mobile phone owners struggle with storage space on their phones. Some love to have many photos, videos, songs, and other files secured on their phones. Some of the stored files have no relevance. There are also many unnecessary apps taking up most of your storage space.

Your phone will slow down once your mobile space fills up. The solution is to free up the storage by deleting the apps and files that you do not use. After doing so, clean your cache data and delete your old text messages and phone calls. If you have files you still want to retain, transfer them to a cloud storage.


No matter what phone problem you have, there is always a solution. You can correct the problem by yourself by following the above tips. But if the issue is beyond you, have a professional repair the phone.



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