Comparing the best two 4K cameras from Yi Xiaomi is hard when they are so perfect!


Yi is a company working with Xiaomi and together have presented to us several type of camera and a amazing drone. Yi has managed to release a 4K action camera with Xiaomi back on May 2016, that really shock the ground since it matched the specs of the well known GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, but for about half the cost, something really good for us customers. Now, at CES 2017, announce the next version of this model, the Yi 4K+ action camera , which is the first 4K camera that can shoot 4k video in 60fps (Wide FOV)! If we want to compare the new version with the latest model from GoPRo, GoPro Hero 5 Black tops out just at 4K/30fps. You want more excitement in the 4K world….the new 4k+ camera from Yi, can shoot 1920 × 1980 up to 120fps! So from what we see, GoPro Hero 5 Black has to catch up the Yi 4k+ if they want to have any luck in the market. But you will say to me, is this enough to make me sell my old 4k camera from Yi or elsewhere to buy this one? I say yes and for many other reasons, but let us see together why I say that.

Let’s say you like very much photography and you bought the 4k camera back at May 2016 when it appeared, and you did well. Now that the new one came out should I buy it. Let us compare the two camera and see why you should think buying the new version.

The 4K camera is using the dual core Ambarella A95SE Cortest A9 ARM. The A9 can shoot 4K Ultra HD video resolution at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 120 frames per second or 720p video at 240 frames per second  The 4K+ is using the latest quad core Ambarella H2 Cortex A53 ARM which can shoot 4K Ultra HD H.265/HEVC video at 60 fps and 4K AVC video at 120 fps, so you can understand only from this the big difference between two models. The A9 is a low power consumption chipset made at 28mm, when the new H2 is a 14mm chipset with the ability of 10-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) video processing to handle high-contrast and wider-color-range scenes.

As for the framerate, we have already mention that 4K+ beats all other camera from the market in this one. None has managed to reach the 60fps in true 4k video recording. The sensor in both model is the same, a Sony IMX377 12MP 1/2.3″. Both version have EIS and support LDC. The new 4K+ can take images in RAW format, but still images and is equipped with a USB Type-C for transferring the images between the camera and the pc.

The new 4K+ supports voice commands like “Take Photo”, “Shoot Burst”, “Start and Stop Recording”, and “Turn Off”. Voice commands make a ton of sense in the fast moving world of downhill action sports, so is a very pleasant add. It also features live streaming and better outdoor audio, as well as VR support

I know that pricing is something that we all are looking, but hey, you don’t buy everyday such a camera. Nevertheless, both versions are very good if you want to have, but for sure 4K+ is much better from the previous 4K version. You can find both versions of the camera at Geekbuying. The 4K version is in Flash Sales right now, at the amazing price of 199.99$, so If you want a really cheap 4K camera, you should go now and grab it, since the Flash Sales want last long. If you want the BEST of the BEST at 4K camera, Geekbuying has in Arrival Notice the 4K+ version of the Yi Action camera, at the price of 299.99$, which is less than half from the GoPro Hero 5 Black, which doesn’t supports 4k at 60fps!


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