Comparison Between Chuwi UBook Pro 4100 VS Chuwi UBook Pro 8100 Review


CHUWI UBook Pro depends on the Surface gadgets yet at the same time contrasts with a particular goal in mind. Like the typical Ubook, the Proform comprises of a CNC machined aluminum lodging with a ” U-stand “, so dissimilar to Surface just an edge that can be collapsed out as a foot and not a whole board. there is two versions of Chuwi UBook Pro 4100 And Chuwi UBook Pro 8100. 

Design and Display

Chuwi UBook Pro 4100 The presentation is in a 3: 2 arrangement and has a corner to corner of 12.3 creeps with 1920 x 1280 pixels. It is ” completely covered “, which implies that the touch sensors are fused legitimately into the top glass layer, which is the reason the presentation ought to show up especially clear. The measurements are 293 x 208 x 9 millimeters without a console and weigh 780 grams. The UBook Pro works without a fan, so it is quiet and light inactivity.

Chuwi UBook Pro 8100.  At 292 x 208 x 8.5mm, it has the very same measurements as its Microsoft rival and its weight, at 770g, matches it also. Unadulterated fortuitous event? Almost certain that they share a similar inventory network. The incorporated kickstand is an edge that looks more delicate than what the Surface Pro 7 offers. CHUWI UBook Pro N4100 console, which can be alternatively requested, is sadly just accessible in the QWERTY position yet has exclusively lit up keys. You can likewise buy a stylus that you can use to make notes on account of the digitizer. It has 2048 weight levels, yet Chuwi has additionally declared a form with 4096.


Chuwi UBook Pro 4100 is accessible in two distinct forms, which just vary in the chipset. The less expensive adaptation is fueled by an Intel Celeron N4100 with Intel UHD Graphics 600. It is a quad-center processor from the Gemini Lake arrangement, which ordinarily runs at 1.1GHz, yet can be supported up to 2.4GHz. For a decent 100 € more you get an Intel Core M3-8100Y with Intel HD Graphics 615 and furthermore 1.1GHz clock. The lift for this variant is 3.4GHz. The M3 just has two centers, however, on account of Hyper-Threading, it can process four strings simultaneously as the N4100.

Chuwi figured out how to source some genuinely late parts, Chuwi UBook Pro 8100.  has Intel Core m3-8100y, an accomplishment given how obliged Intel’s provisions are right now. It was propelled in Q3 2018 is still on a 14nm procedure which implies that it will run generally warm. It despite everything rocks two centers, similar to the primary Core M part with an Intel Graphics 615 processor illustrations. One particular attribute of the Core M family is that they have an exceptionally low default clock speed with an extremely high greatest recurrence, which implies that things can get warm rapidly.

The two processors are fabricated in the 14nm procedure and can get to 8GB LPDDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD ROM. Since the processors are just cooled inactively, it is improbable that the lift clock can be kept for quite a while, so you should just anticipate 1.1 GHz over the long haul. The two gadgets run with Windows 10 Home in the 64bit adaptation. In the event that you simply need to surf and watch either YouTube video, the N4100 is sufficient. Be that as it may, if the field of use is extended, for example, progressively complex office work and graphical work with the stylus, you should utilize the M3 processor. Notwithstanding, it ought to be certain that the two tablets are not appropriate for gamers.


There are similar features like Video calls that can likewise be made with the 2MP front camera and the 5MP principle camera. The battery of the two gadgets holds 37Wh (7.4V/5000mA) and keeps going 8 hours, as indicated by Chuwi. Since the processors contrast marginally in their vitality prerequisites (TDP: M3-8100Y: 5 watts, N4100: 6 watts), the runtime ought to likewise show slight contrasts. An enormous number of associations is by and large hugely publicized and is likewise very amazing for a tablet: 2x USB-A 3.0 USB-C (information + power) Micro HDMI 3.5mm sound jack DC charging attachment Keyboard reaches You can charge the gadgets either by means of the typical mains plug or through USB-C. You can, obviously, associate a center point to the USB-C port in the event that you need different associations. The memory can likewise be extended with a MicroSD by up to 128GB.


ou can charge the gadgets either by means of the typical mains plug or by means of USB-C. You can, obviously, interface a center point to the USB-C port on the off chance that you need different associations. The memory can likewise be extended with a MicroSD by up to 128GB. You can get to the web by means of WLAN with 2.4GHz or 5GHz in the 802.11a/air conditioning/b/g/n benchmarks. The Ubook Pro is additionally Bluetooth able. Indiegogo discusses 4.2 for the M3 processor and 5.0 for the more fragile variant, however, I can scarcely envision that Chuwi just uses the new standard in the more unfortunate gadget. To have the option to offer progressively exact expressions, we need to sit tight for the test.


The Chuwi UBook Pro 4100 is far underneath the challenge from Microsoft and Co regarding cost yet at the same time seems like a promising gadget. The more grounded form with Chuwi UBook Pro 8100 the M3-8100Y processor, 8GB RAM, 12.6-inch show, stylus, and console as of now offers a ton and could be a decent option in contrast to the Surface models. The other one is also one of the best and least expensive with the 4100 Processor. Both can be easily bought from Chuwi UBook Pro N8100. 


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