Comparison Between Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape VS GTX ONE Vape Review


Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape accompanies the Pulse Mode given by AXON chip, GEN NANO will interest you by the anticipated vaping experience from the chief puff all through, getting a charge out of the perfect flavor and thick smoke released from the GTX twist inside the latest GTX tank 22. Vaporesso GTX ONE vape is anything but difficult to utilize MTL unit getting ready GTX twists that give new flavor-boosting and rich cloud movement. With a breeze stream control course of action of the GTX TANK 18, it keeps the whole vaping considering your optimal want. In addition, featuring Max 40W adjustable power supporting sharp VW mode.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape

Display and Design

Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape fills in for example that makes it totally satisfying to hold and progressively contradicted to getting away from your hand. I need to yield I basically prefer to continue stroking the paint since it feels so not all that awful! I found the metal part draws in novel engraving sufficiently yet nothing pointlessly genuine. The stepping Vaporesso and model names are engraved on one side.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape

More, It accompanies a 2000mAh understood battery in the negligible body that guarantees the power gives. Its creation the whole day using and smaller passing on become progressively immediate for the GEN NANO. While  Vaporesso GTX one Vape functions for instance that make it totally pleasing to hold and progressively opposed to escaping your hand. I have to yield I basically like to keep stroking the paint since it feels so nice! I found the metal part attracts interesting imprint adequately yet nothing exorbitantly certified. The checking Vaporesso and model names are engraved on one side. The styling of GTX One is very limited and insignificant. The shape and size are incredible. The mod is excessively lightweight. The 0.69″ concise UI makes all nuances totally evident to your eyes.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape


Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape imaginative Pulse Mode reinforced by the AXON chip is a way how it draws out the power. The creation of GEN NANO fires each 0.02s to keep up the temperature control settings’ ongoing info. Likewise, It’s giving you a delicate controlled vaping experience. It’s essential to guarantee power, and the key is the methods by which to expert it. Having the AXON chip inside the mod that releases the greatest limit of the GEN NANO. Likewise, Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape isn’t solely can have you satisfied by the Pulse Mode yet also offering you the Power Eco, Smart TC, and DIY that fit the variety of vaping styles.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape

Vaporesso GTX one Vape pack goes with the GTX Tank 18 that uses the standard GTX twist game plan. The unit fuses two twists, which are evaluated for either 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm independently. Additionally, Both of the twists are the work style atomizers and use the antibacterial cotton for another flavor.

Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape


Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape has totally underpinned the AXON chip. The MESH structure smoothed out GTX twists work perfectly with the new GTX TANK 22. Additionally, The passing on unprecedented flavor inside each puff in a brief moment, giving you the ultra-smooth breeze current and rich fogs all through. While, Vaporesso GTX one Vape has GTX Tank 18 get an 18.5mm minimal base expansiveness and looks well on the GTX One mod. There are some triangular indents on the top and the base breeze stream control ring for styling and hold


Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape has everything revived inside its NANO body. It likewise incorporates a 2000 mAh worked in battery maintained by 2A rapid charge. Additionally, offering you a progressively drawn out vaping inclusion with a helpful size. While Vaporesso GTX one Vape works with  2000mAh breaking point and 2A Type-C snappy charging, the GTX ONE gives a greater chance to acknowledge and less a perfect chance to spend towards stimulating. Likewise, The adaptable power structure makes it immaculate with most circles be possible.


Vaporesso GEN NANO Vape is a delightful contraption and feels of it is dumbfounding. Vaporesso worked decently with the course of action and styling while likewise guaranteeing that it performs at a raised level. The Vaporesso GTX ONE vape is an exquisite device and feel of it is astonishing. Vaporesso worked outstandingly with the arrangement and styling while furthermore ensuring that it performs at a raised level. both are best and easily available at Vaporesso Officials price listed below:

GEN NANO Vape, Price: $61.90

GTX ONE Vape, Price: $45.90


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