Concept Rendering: iOS 12 Running On iPhone 9 and It Looks Superb


One designer has taken a look even further ahead and designed a concept around what a hypothetical iOS 12 software update might seem like. as the company releases a new iPhone and major iOS update each year, the 2 are inextricably joined, so the concept also hints at new hardware features that might build their way to the iPhone 9.

The flagship smartphone uses a 5.8-inch OLED screen to make a bigger screen than before and is expected to price $1000 or more. The concept takes advantage of this with a “dark mode” user interface. On an OLED display, black pixels are switched off entirely, and designer claims the concept’s dark mode could save up to 25 % battery life.

As you can see in the conceptual design, from the forehead down out of the control center, and iPhone X almost. And this is almost the same as the operation of the Android system, however, exhale a row of control center bar, not all. which may control WiFi, Bluetooth, and different functions?

As you can see in conceptual design the iPhone 9 has no bangs, but conjointly with a full-screen design, equipped with iOS 12 operating system, however also retains the virtual home key. the maximum will retain the original iPhone mobile trend.

Full-screen design of the iPhone 9 also uses an 18: 9 design, body slender. From the left side of the screen can be exhaled shortcut bar. which may be set according to different needs of the menu.

Outgoing shortcut operation can enter the call function.

From this conceptual design, it can be seen that the largest accidental retention of the virtual home key is accompanied by a pair of virtual action buttons, the Split Screen, and the Back key. this is not in the previous IOS system, especially the right of the return key, completely like android system closer.

Simply press a number on the numeric keypad to quickly display the phone number about 2.

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This iPhone 9 equipped with iOS 12 will return to human nature in several functions, unlike the iPhone X thus complex, but also equipped with a full-screen design. simply do not know this design really come out, how much the worth will be. but the concept also hints at how Apple might improve its smartphone range with the iPhone 9. If the iOS 12 concept comes to fruition, Apple can be a winner.

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