(Concept) Samsung Galaxy Wing Is a 7-inch Foldable Smartphone With 4K Resolution


Recently, based on some information leaked about the smartphone with folding screen of Samsung , the design team created a concept Techconfigurations very creative carry on Samsung Galaxy Wing. This device will have 7 inch screen, 4K resolution and can be folded.

This is actually supposed to be different from the Galaxy Wing, sporting a much more compact format. It even closes up like a clamshell and has a hinge down the middle, with small little round mechanisms, that feel and look like the end of a ladies electric shaver of sorts. This is of course a high end smartphone, one that bends down the middle, without a seam on the screen facade.

The Galaxy Wing will have overall dimensions much thinner than current dual-screen phones, even when folded. The front of the rim of the mobile is bordered on both sides and the bottom is very thin, while the border on the screen will be where the camera selfie, speaker and sensors. Galaxy Wing’s screen will use AMLOED panels and resolution up to 4K to give users a great experience in entertainment needs.

There’s a clamshell mode, with a 120 degree fold and a closed mode that makes the device twice more compact, but also not usable.

Coming to the back, we can see the Galaxy Wing will be equipped with dual camera clusters with designs similar to the new super-product Samsung is launching the Galaxy S9 +. Below this camera cluster will be an LED flash and a heart rate monitor.

There’s only a little visible seam at the back for the hinge area. The camera at the upfront we find the retina scanner and dual 8MP + 8MP camera. In addition, it can be seen that the front and back of the phone does not have the appearance of fingerprint scanner so it is possible that Galaxy Wing will be integrated fingerprint sensor technology under the screen.

When opened up you get a tablet basically, with 4K AMOLED display and minimal bezels. There’s a premium kevlar fabric in the mix, at least for the hinge bit. Galaxy Wing will be available in blue, silver or black, the handset has a very glossy back and front, but it feels rather fragile to me. Still better than the previous Galaxy X concepts. The fingerprint scanner is indeed integrated within the screen and a crazy set of numbers are revealed in the video, like a 3.75 mm waistline unfolded and 7.5 mm folded.

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