Cool Changer 1C With 4060 Battery, Snapdragon 652, RAM 3GB Will Release Tomorrow


There are a lot of new smartphones coming, especially flagship smartphones as year-end flagship, under this kind of tendency, Coolpad has finally spoken out that the new products will come out. According to current news, this smartphone will make change in some aspects.


After three months about Cool Dual announcement, Cool smartphone will have new model, it’s Cool Charger 1C smartphone which is the second model that Coolpad and Letv cooperated. Recently, the official has released some information about Cool Changer 1C battery. It will be built in 4060mAh battery, according to official description, the big battery will bring powerful battery for Cool Changer 1C. It may have quick charge technology.


The performance of a smartphone decides the smartphone running speed, especially the key processor and storage. Cool Changer 1C will use Snapdragon 625 Octa core 64bit processor, which is second to Snapdragon 820 processor in performance. The 1.8ghz frequency and Adreno 510 GPU makes the phone enjoy the professional game quality.


Besides this feature, Coolpad today exposed the other specs, it’s internal storage, according to the latest poster, Cool Changer 1C will use 3G RAM and 32G ROM internal storage. And they have confirmed that Cool Changer 1C will be a budget phone below $200.

In addition, the official has held the price campaign, before the end of this November, the official will leak more about  Cool Changer 1C, until it is released tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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