Coolpad Cool S1 VS Oneplus 3T Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery Review


Coolpad Cool Changer S1 as the flagship smartphone of Coolpad last year, and Oneplus 3T also considered as the flagship of Oneplus have been compared a lot by users, so which one is better? Today we will compare them in the following aspects such as design, hardware, camera, battery and other features. You can also check more reviews here.


Oneplus 3T and Cool S1 have no big difference in hardware, price, etc. Just check the specs comparison below.

According to specs comparison, two smartphones are both the flagship smartphones at 2,000 yuan, similar screen, processor, metal body, they have main difference in versions, camera, battery, etc.

In versions, Oneplus 3T has standard version and advanced version, due to different ROM, it has 300 yuan, $50 price gap, but Cool S1 has more versions in terms of RAM, ROM, and price. So they have price gap between 200 yuan,  and 500 yuan.


Oneplus 3T continues the design of Oneplus 3, but the previous glacier grey has changed to gun grey, the front design has 2.5D curved glass screen,and there is a semi-circular Home button under the screen, which is the first smartphone with physical home button for Oneplus. It adopts metal unibody with excellent craftsmanship.

Cool S1 also uses metal unibody, with several colors, it has 2.5D curved glass screen, and it adopts three step metal back design with nano molding. The fingerprint scanner is located under the camera on the back, ditching the earphone jack. The overall design looks good, but the fingerprint scanner still sets up on the back without change.

According to design comparison, Oneplus 3T has a physical home button and golden curved processing which tends to be better for most users than Cool S1.


The processor and RAM will be the most important part to decide a smartphone’s hardware. Oneplus 3T and Cool S1 both are powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, both have RAM 6GB, so they belong to similar level. Just compare them by Antutu test below.

Oneplus 3 VS Oneplus 3T Antutu

Cool S1 Antutu

In terms of Antutu test, Oneplus 3T has got a little higher score than Cool S1 which means Oneplus 3T has better optimization. In fact, Oneplus 3T enjoys the top Antutu score in 2016 smartphones. Of course, Cool S1 has no big difference from Oneplus 3T in performance.


Oneplus 3T is considered the most excellent photographing smartphones whether in front camera or back camera. Cool S1 also enjoys the first class photographing function. In terms of experience, Oneplus 3T is better than Cool S1 in camera.

Therefore, in terms of photographing experience, Oneplus 3T has better word of mouth. You can compare them by your experience.


In battery life, Cool S1 is thicker than Oneplus 3T a little, due to 4,070mAh battery. Therefore, Cool S1 has longer battery life than Oneplus 3T with only 3,400mAh battery.


Oneplus 3T has physical home button on the front design, personalized back cover, nice holding feel, etc. But Cool S1 has harman sound effect with AKG earphone for better sound quality. And it has Wifi online games speeding up, which is better for those game players. In terms of features, Cool S1 has richer ones.


After comparing Oneplus 3T with Cool S1, which one is more suitable? For now, Oneplus 3T is a little hotter than Cool Changer S1, if you are into better beauty, photographing, and brands, Oneplus 3T is more recommended. But if you pursue sound quality, battery life and games, Cool S1 will bring your more surprise.


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