Coolpad Xview First Ultra-Light AR Wireless Glasses Released: 2999 yuan [$428.17]


Coolpad Group held a new product launch conference for the “Infinite Vision” smart wearable Coolpad Ultra-Light AR Wireless Glasses in Shenzhen, officially launching Xview, the first wireless integrated AR glasses in China.Mr. Cao Jingsheng, senior vice president of Coolpad Group, said at the press conference that the smart wearable business will be one of the focuses of Coolpad’s future development.

It is understood that Coolpad Xview has two versions: a consumer version and an industry customized version. The consumer version has a starting price of 2,999 yuan. Xview does not need to be connected to a mobile phone or computer and can be used alone.

In terms of design, Cool Xview is almost the same as ordinary sunglasses, except that the temples and lenses are slightly thicker. The thickness of the lens is less than 3mm, which is 1/3 of the same type of optical device.

Coolpad product leader Yang Longsheng introduced on the spot that Coolpad Xview is the industry’s first product designed with a wearable chip, which has achieved the limit in power consumption control and broke through the bottleneck that has been plagued by the industry.

In terms of performance, Coolpad Xview is equipped with optical waveguide technology on the optical display, achieving industry-leading light transmittance, contrast, and color.

In terms of interaction, Coolpad and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics established a joint laboratory, which lasted 5 years and realized high-precision fusion positioning, space marking, target recognition, and tracking and other core algorithms on the wearable chip, realizing the integration of virtual and reality.

The consumer version focuses on lightweight AR applications, which include AR navigation, AR shopping guide, AR communication, AR control, etc. AR Wireless Glasses can be worn alone or connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

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The industry-customized version integrates 4G communications and plans to fully support 5G as early as next year. Coolpad Ultra-Light AR Wireless Glasses can be used in industrial, public security, medical and other industries with features such as “free hands”, “first perspective”, and “independent communication module”.


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