MOIRA DF3 FDM 3D Printer: Intelligent FDM, Offline Printing, For Just $299.99 (Coupon Inside)


MOIRA DF3 FDM 3D Printer, features in simple operation and high accuracy, undoubtedly is the best mini 3D printer for students and children on the market now. Great useful to establish students’ three-dimensional cognition ability, and thus enables them to feel the objective existence of the world, improve.

Unique design with beautiful color and compact size, well decorates home/ office/ classroom. The filament holder is hidden in the machine. And the DF3 printer makes low noise when working.

With the printing speed of 30-100mm/s and the precision of 0.1mm, any parts no regardless of complexity can be perfectly printed out without difficulties. The software Moira owns mass models in various kinds, and provide an on-line design platform, which can easily transform sketches, words, pictures into 3D Printing files. Not only that, geometric stacking function better provides the possibility for children and adults to create their fantasy. Auto leveling is supported by the Moira, easy operation.

The door equipped with limit switch will automatically pause printing when opened, convenient for omni-directional observation and ensure the safety during printing process.

Can work with APP ‘Animal Kindom’ which indicates children to print by themselves, enables them to learn the principle of additive manufacturing, develops their language and cognitive ability, at the same time, inspires their creativity and offers a sense of achievement when the printing completed. Let your kids grow up with high-tech!

MOIRA DF3 FDM 3D Printer is now aviailable on Gearbest For Just at $299.99 using a Coupon Code: GBDF3107, For Limited Time.


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