Creaters of Yi Camera are constructing a drone, which looks fantastic!


Yi camera is a relly good action camera, equivalent to GoPro, which is constructed under the name of Xiaomi. The camera first appeared back at 2015, when only before 1-2 months came up an updated version, the Yi 4K. Now the company has shown to us a new product, a drone, that is working on, which we have to agree looks very impressive and will be released under the name Yi Erida. The drone will be completely controlled with a mobile app, so you’ll just need your smartphone and the drone when you head out to fly.

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Yi Erida is a tri-copter created 100% from carbon fiber. According to Yi Technology, the tricopter can reach up to 120 kph (75mph), which we have to agree that is a very good speed for a drone that is meant for filming. Two of its three prop arms rotate and fold back for travel.

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A 4K camera (yes is the 4K camera that we mention in the beginning and you can buy apart) will be as an extra feature for this drone.

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The company also mentions that the tricopter can fly up to 40 minutes, something really awesome! If this is real will be a game changer. OF course we will know more for the drone in the InterDrone convention which will take place the following days.

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No pricing or availability was announced. However, if the Yi Erida looks or sounds familiar, it might be because YI is making the drone with Atlas, a team of developers and engineers that tried to get the Erida crowdfunded last year. The contribution amounts start at $499, but the retail price is listed at $1,100. That’s about £380 to £840 and AU$660 to AU$1,500.


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