Creating a Custom Survey Theme: Tips and Benefits!


Want to give your participants an unforgettable survey taking experience? 

Create custom survey themes to show off your logos, brand colours and customize background images, colours and fonts and make your survey look more attractive and gain more responses.

Custom survey themes allow you to personalize every survey with a one-of-a-kind feel and are also great for branding and event-based surveys. You can save these custom themes to reuse them in your next surveys.

These customized tools are available for all types of surveys from professional to playful and for every diverse plan- from free to paid ones. This means, depending on your plan, you can:

  • Upload engaging images or your own images as survey backgrounds that truly reflects your personality or your company’s image.
  • Place survey questions and reposition them anywhere on the page to fit new custom backgrounds.
  • If you don’t have any background in mind, you can use from a wide range of premade themes from a free online survey. You can even browse the database to choose from thousands of stock photos that compliments your survey.  
  • Add some spark to your survey by mixing different colour schemes or adding colours that match your brand or any unique vibe you want to give your survey.
  • Access white labelling options, add logos, fonts, and much more.
  • You can include your logo in the survey title for more effective branding.

Pro Survey Customization Tips

Colours and logos are just the tips of the iceberg as there are countless opportunities to customize your survey. Here are the following suggestions to give your survey respondents with the personal, professional feel and improve your response rates.

Customize Email Invitation

If you are using your own list of email addresses to send information, this is the first place your participants would get information about your survey. Personalize this email with your recipient’s names, and make sure to mention about yourself and your purpose of asking for recipients’ opinions. This will not only add a personal touch to the survey, but also have the added benefit of boosting the response rate!

Leave A Good Last Impression

Survey end page will be the last page your participants will see; so, be sure you throw a good impression. Customize these pages with images and hyperlinked text and, or redirect recipients to your own website.

Make Lively Responses

Create custom charts using the Analyze Results tab. Create a bar, pie, line, column, or area chart, personalize it by clicking on the Chart Settings button. Download it as a HTML, PDF, CSV, Excel, or XML file. Put it in a PowerPoint for an impressive presentation.


Custom survey themes allow you to have full power over the look of your surveys and how you make them engaging and give your respondents memorable experiences. While every marketer has their own needs when it comes to survey customization, the bonus is that you can take benefit from a more beautiful and engaging survey, especially the participants taking your surveys.


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