Creating the Best Digital Portfolio through the Ipad Mockup


Independent workers have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to getting work. They don’t have the facilities to get clients the way employed designers do. But they can’t just rely on their creativity to get clients. They actually need to showcase samples of what they could do in order to attract clients. The best way to package samples is through a portfolio. But since the goal is to get clients for your digital products, you have to package your outputs in a digital manner. Just write my essay for me .

In order to best showcase your app design or website design, you go for mockups. It is definitely a heightened form of portfolio. But there are available downloadable mockup templates from various sites. One site that provides an extensive lineup is UX Planet.

Using iPad mockup for digital portfolio

UX Planet is a one-stop resource for everything related to user experience. Part of that shop provides free iPad mockups in PSD and Sketch. The iPad mockup is a great way to showcase your digital products especially when it comes to application designs. The iPad is a mobile gadget, which is the perfect canvas for mobile applications. Here are some of the best iPad apps according to TechRadar.

There were various templates for the iPad Pro PSD mockup. The iPad Pro is of course the flagship tablet device manufactured by Apple. The iPad Pro is the most advanced device in Apple’s tablet lineup. If you are trying to present marketing apps, the iPad Pro PSD mockup is the ideal canvas for you. The iPad Pro is perfect for actual work rather than just browsing and other personal things people do on mobile devices like watching a movie, reading a book, playing music, gaming or shopping.

There are some minimalist mockups in PSD file from the UX Planet mockup. There are those that just have the black background, which means that you have to make your design do the talking. So if you have a marketing app, you can choose a free PSD mockup from the website to download and input your design on the screen of the device. This way, prospective clients will have an idea on how your app design will look on the actual gadget when it goes live.

Mockup of different devices

If you are designing a website and you want to present how the mobile version of the web page will look like, there are at least two kinds of mockup you should be thinking of: iPad and iPhones mockup and devices mockup. The former gives you a mockup that has the iPad and and iPhone or several iPhones in one screen. This will allow you to showcase that your website will look just as good in smaller screen and larger screens. The goal is basically the same with the devices mockup, except that this template uses more Apple devices: iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhones. You may use different kinds of iPhones—like an iPhone XR or iPhone 7s or the newest iPhone 11 and its variations—as well as different kinds of iPads, from the iPad Mini to the iPad Airs. You may even throw in the Apple Watch if you want.

You may also make use of the perspective mockup. This is the rendering of the design in various angles. This way, your client will have the opportunity to choose how to present the web page or any of the other digital products. So you can a horizontal perspective, a vertical one, or one that will only show half  a page of the page—or from whatever perspective you want to present it.

Endless alternatives

Every iPad and iPhones mockup has different variations. A device mockup can be in any kind of look. The internet provides endless alternatives for free iPad mockup. You have to take advantage of this, while at the same time, be smart about it. You need to find the right kind of mockup that will work for your kind of product.

For example, if you want to design a digital product that is photo based, you have to make sure that you will only use high-resolution photos in your presentation. There is no way you can get away with a photo-based application with terrible and pixelized photos. Get a vector mockup and make sure to instill smart layers to prevent pixelization.

There are also mockups that use accessories in order to tell a story about your digital product. Browsing the free mockups in the internet is so interesting because you meet so many different kinds of templates using so many different kinds of accessories. They really enrich the product that you want to sell to investors.

For example, if you want to sell a product for people who work at home—perhaps it is software that will help digital product designers like yourself. You want the clients to be able to tell that the audience comprises people who have home offices. So you show a mockup that utilizes the MacBook. Why the MacBook? Because freelancers do not always just stay at home; they want to be versatile. They should be able to work everywhere. But to emphasize the work-from-home bit, you can create a mockup with the MacBook as centerpiece. The laptop is placed on a table with the view of the outside. The outside view shows a tree with hint of sunlight.

The above mockup indicates that the person is working at home because not a lot of corporate offices—which are usually situated in urban centers—have a tree outside the window. That tree indicates being in a rural place, being at home. The table and the trees enrich the story. It’s about the psychological impact of using that kind of setup to your design. It provides a better understanding of the concept, rather than just giving them the design raw.


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