Last 2018 year was the transitory period for the cryptocurrency. We saw the main transitory changes transiting from ‘HOLD’ to BUILD’ This year 2019 we are going to see the ‘blockchain development’ coming into full force for the next Bull Run that most people are expecting.  Be ready for big things to take place in the cryptocurrency space.

In this post, we are going to list the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are causing major sea waves in the cryptocurrency world. We are going to see how they are likely going to use their capital and throw their weight around. We will use the ‘Yahoo Cryptocurrency Screener’ and other sources as our referral sources.

(1) Bitcoin Cryptocurrency (BTC)

Bitcoin is going to focus on two areas: speed and financial institution investments.

The developers from Bitcoin are rolling out ‘The Lightning Network’. This will make it possible for transactions to process faster and separately from Bitcoin’s main blockchain.

Bitcoin is producing products for financial institutions as these institutions are warming up to cryptocurrencies.

(2) Ripple Cryptocurrency (XRP)

Ripple is fast and sociable. Its software can handle 1,500 transactions in one second even at international levels. That makes it a thousand times faster than most other payment gateways. Ripple is focused on gaining more international partnerships.

(3) Ethereum Cryptocurrency (ETH)

Ethereum came into force in 2014 as the first to enable apps and contracts to be developed on it.

In 2019 Ethereum, with its advantage of being the first mover, will have also do more as multiple currencies are fighting for the top coin position.

  1. Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency (BCH)

Number 4 on the list is Bitcoin Cash. Its 3 main goals are:

  1.      To raise its capability from 1000 transactions per second to 5,000,000 transactions per second
  2.      Reduce its current average transaction period down to 3 seconds.
  3.      To make future updates easier by creating an extensible protocol.
  4. Stellar Cryptocurrency (XLM)

Stellar cryptocurrency will get a major significant boost as IBM is in the threshold of launching Blockchain World Wire (BWW)

  1. Litecoin Cryptocurrency (LTC)

As Bitcoin developers build and release the Lightning Network, Litecoin developers will be right behind them, looking to lower transaction times and costs even further. The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, also hinted at the development of private transactions in a recent interview.

  1. EOS Cryptocurrency (EOS)

It’s also likely that EOS will be working to improve their irreversibility times by working on the asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant (aBFT) protocol. For a technical, in-depth overview of aBFT, check out this video by Dan Larimer, the founder of EOS.

  1. TRON Cryptocurrency (TRX)

Tron will now put its main attention in creating apps and distribution. They recently acquired BitTorrent to help improve Tron.

  1. Binance Coin Cryptocurrency (BNB)

Here are some of the Binace’s CEO predictions for 2019

We will see more feature additions on

High-performance DEX Binance Chain mainnet live. Plus 1-second confirmation instant processing.

Fiat exchanges to be increased up to 10 worldwide.

Increased partnerships with other top industry magnets.

More BNB adoption cases.

Binance to invest in and acquire more projects.

  1. Cardano Cryptocurrency (ADA)

Cardon cryptocurrency is now able to manage 1000 stake pools. In 2019 the Cardon developers will be more focused on making and adding user-friendly options.


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