CSJ S162 Review – 4K Camera FPV RC Quadcopter For Just $79.99 at TOMTOP


CSJ S162 is a 1080p/4K aerial photography RC quadcopter equipped with GPS location system and V/R mode. The High-definition camera provides a sharp image for capturing your memorable moment. With follow character function, this drone will capture your every move automatically and it is convenient for you to shoot by gestures.


CSJ S162 FPV RC Drone is a super functional RC quadcopter with outstanding appearance and foldable design. The CSJ S162 FPV RC Drone can be carried anywhere anytime as it is foldable so once you are done using it you can fold it. The CSJ S162 FPV RC Drone is a drone with size 16*10*7.5cm (fold) / 24*19*7.5cm (Unfold), which allows you to put into your pocket. The new CSJ S162 FPV RC Drone has a Mini and beautiful appearance makes the foldable drone more attractive and Looking great. The design is unique and very successful. This makes it easier, more space-saving and safer to transport. Foldable drones are currently very popular, so it is not surprising that more and more folding drones are on the market. The CSJ S162 FPV RC Drone has no propeller protection on the propeller arms. The duration of the 7.4V 1200mAh battery is approximately 18 minutes. Before flying, the battery must be charged for 150 minutes.


With a 1080p/4K HD camera, this aerial drone is an extraordinary photographer for you to record the beautiful moment and impressing life shot. Just take it to friends’ gathering, family travel, and birthday party, etc. With the gesture recognizing function base on deep-learning, the intelligent camera can take photos and video according to your gesture which can free your hands to enjoy selfie. The state-of-the-art GPS system makes the drone completely aware of its location and relation to you. It hovers precisely, moves accurately, and locks onto satellites fast. After setting the target, the drone will automatically recognize objects of different shapes and sizes then track them according to what they are and how fast they move. This makes tracking much easier and more reliable. You could choose a point on the APP interface, and the quadcopter will fly around it. 360° full angles shooting surround helps shoot chic videos easily. This aerial drone is amazing for experienced pilots with its advanced high definition camera which has a 120-degree wide-angle, it is a surprising one with a 600m control distance and 300m FPV image transmission distance. With intelligent flight control options and a camera with incredible image quality, this drone empowers you to push your creative boundaries.


CSJ S162 FPV RC Drone is an intelligent and powerful RC quadcopter, equipped with an advanced GPS system. The high definition camera allows you to take quality aerial footage. We can buy it from TOMTOP with 1080P Camera at $79.99, and with 4K Camera at $85.99


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