Cube I7 Book vs CUBE i7 Stylus Tablet PC Review


Cube has released the new Cube I7 Book  in presale, which has been attracted by the metal body, Intel 6th-gen Skylake Core m3-6Y30 Dual core, windows 10 OS, USB 3.0 Type C port, etc. And it has most competitive price right now. After when we see Cube I7 Book, we know the difference between Cube I7 Book and Cube I7 Stylus. So we will share the disparity about them.



Cube I7 Book has more thinner design and more portable than Cube i7 stylus, in the picture, right is Cube i7 Stylus, left is Cube I7 BOOK, we can fee the obvious difference in design thickness.


From the back, they have no big difference. Cube I7 Book uses the rotor keyboard which is thinner and lighter than Cube I7 Stylus keyboard.


Two tablets both uses 10.6inch screen with 1920*1080, and logo in the same place. But Cube I7 Book uses new design to become lighter, thinner, and more narrow compared with Cube I7 Stylus.

Function Buttons and Port on the side:

Cube I7  Book has one more USB Type C port than Cube I7 Stylus.  Cube I7 Book has a HDMI port on the left side, but Cube i7 stylus has USB Type C port on the left which can be used for many plug-ins for many functions. They both have 12V power port, TF card slot, USB3.0 port and earphone jack.


Cube I7 Book has two speakers on the sidebar, but Cube I7 stylus speakers is located on the both side. When we test video, Cube I7 Book will bring more sound effect in design.


Cube I7 Book uses the latest USB Type C port which can be used in two ways, and can be used for power charging, transmitting data, HDMI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort video output.  Cube I7 Stylus has common HDMI port, whose experience is not good as Cube I7 Book.and Cube I7 Book has kept the TF card slot for expansion. Besides power button, we can also see a set of volume buttons.


As a detachable transforming notebook, Cube I7 Book is attractive in its keyboard.

Cube i7 Book uses magnetic way to connect the tablet with keyboard. Meanwhile, there are 10 PIN located below the tablet unit is more than Cube I7 Stylus. It can insert right and opposite with 10 pin of keyboard. So cube i7 book can transform in many styles to meet your needs. It can also support 120 degree rotating and folding in many angles.


Cube I7 Book has also designed well in its keyboard. We can see the keyboard use all metal material, and refined design compared with Cube I7 Stylus plastic material, it is more durable, better grip feeling.


Besides input function, Cube I7 Book has added standard USB port on the both sides of tablet, when it connects your tablet pc, it can connect with other devices which is very easy to operate.


In touch panel, Cube I7 Book uses ultra large unibody design,the cursor can move widely by this advantage.


So right now do you know the difference between Cube I7 Book and Cube I7 Stylus? Right now you can enjoy coupon code: intel26 to catch Cube I7 Book at $289.99. Vaild in Sep 26th — Oct 3th.


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