CUBE iwork12 Tablet PC Unboxing, OS, Antutu, Battery Review


Currently, 2-in-1 Tablet PC has become more and more popular, many manufacturer released its first Intel Cherry Trial Z8300 2-in-1 tablet pc. Cube as famous Chinese tablet pc brand has released many 2-in-1 tablet pc with good reputation. So today we would like to introduce Cube Iwork12 tablet pc with 12.2inch large screen.


It uses simple and high-level white package, its keyboard can be used for Cube I9 tablet pc.


There are basic specs and manufacturer information on the back of the bo. Cube iwork12 uses RAM 4GB ROM 64GB which can definitely meet the needs of Z8300 and dual OS needs.


Cube Iwork12 adopts front white back silver instead of  front black and back blue design to make it more stylish.


Its shell and bracket uses silver magnesium alloy with perfect craftsmanship and exquisite design. It has dual camera, 2MP front camera and 5MP back camera to meet the needs of taking video, and other needs for recreation and office work.


There is no words and pictures on the back shell, when we open the bracket, we can see the product information, its shaft adopts two hex screws around to fix, and the stent has secondary angle adjustment, which can be suitable for different needs.


The ports focus on the left of the tablet PC, such as 3.5mm audio port, micro USB port, Mini HDMI port, TF Card slot, Standard USB 3.0 port. Micro USB port can be used as power charging port. The speaker is located at the bottom of two sides of Cube iwork12 with better sound effect.


It uses 5 pin Dock port and keyboard connection at the bottom, there are power button, volume button three buttons on the top left and chrome plated silver keys make the tablet more fashionable.


It takes grey design on the front of Magnetic suction glass fiber instead of all black design which is more comfortable. It has Fn key to be compatible with the keyboard which brings more convenient operation.


It takes blue design on the whole back, the wool fiber design makes us have better grip holding and resist slipping.
It has 5V/2500mAh power adapter, using Micro USB port to charge which has the same port as the smartphone.
 There is a micro USB 2.0 OTG cable in the box, which makes up the single USB 3.0, because dual USB port design is more practical.
Cube iWork12 runs Android OS and Windows 10 os, we can choose the ideal interface, and press long the power button to switch to Android OS,  and it can select the turn on or off of the interface.
Its OS is same as X86 tablet pc with android5.1 OS. In android OS, it has preinstalled MP4 format from MXplayer to play 4K video, it plays very fluently to experience 12.2inch ISP screen.
 We use Antutu software to test its hardware performance, it can meet our needs for entertainment and office work.
It preinstalled Windows 10 OS for better touching experience.
Windows 10 OS is home version which can be activated automatically by Internet. In dual OS disk, it has 32GB storage lfet which can meet our needs to install necessary software. It can also support TF card for expansion.
By Master Lu software test, it has come with 9000mAh battery with long time battery life. And it only has 930g weight  which is not clumsy to carry.

According to score test, it has shown 34801 scores, in general, the score will be 56000 which can meet our needs for entertainment and office work by Antutu test, we don’t know if it’s because of CPU protection and Master Lu, the test score is a little lower.


Cube Iwork12 uses 12.2inch 1920×1200 screen which can give us the nice experience in video and pictures. And it has rich ports for entertainment and office work in its performance. The new color and alloy design have nice craftsmanship to make it be more fashionable. So Cube iwork12 can be a nice choice for a high-end 2-in-1 tablet pc.


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