Custom Software Development Cost: What It Depends on and How to Fit It in Your Budget


IT is a valuable part of any business at the moment. Whether we’re talking about equipment, app development, social media, or automation software, your company needs at least one of these. Here you’ll see some important recommendations on planning the costs, finding a decent software development team, securing the budget, and more.

The first step you should do before even planning your budget is to choose a reliable custom software development company. Their professionals will tell you the exact or approximate cost of the project. And after that, you can plan the budget and order their services.

Choosing the Right Custom Software Development Company

By choosing a reliable software development company like GNS IT, you’re opting for professional services, premium design ideas, and the best profit.

The firm provides developers for projects in eCommerce, eGovernment, Traveling and Hospitality, and other industries. To provide you with a good experience, they offer a free cost estimate. You tell them what kind of project your business needs, how you see the idea, what changes you’re open for, what scale you’re looking for. Their experts analyze the situation, see how they can help and how much it will cost given your desired scale and potential future maintenance.

GNS IT provides a full cycle of services, including but not limited to:

  • Designing the project;

  • Developing the application, software, or website;

  • Managing risks;

  • Testing the app;

  • Maintaining and/or upscaling it when needed.

Outsourcing as the Best Way to Get Software Development Services

Outsourcing important processes to companies like GNS IT lead to the following benefits:

  • Controlling the cost of IT development;

  • Reducing costs for new qualified personnel;

  • Not having to hire a team for only one project;

  • Saving time for interviews for every candidate;

  • Increasing effectiveness of the project implementation;

  • Being able to stay focused on the most important strategies of your business, how to grow it, etc.

Having a professional team that works well ready to join your project as soon as you contact them is much better than hiring your own team person by person. You’ll have to find the right candidates, teach them how to work in a team, control their every move, explain the specifics of your idea, etc. Outsourcing makes you free from all that, allowing to focus on the main goals.

Planning the Budget Properly as a Way to Manage Risks

Here’s a short yet comprehensive algorithm on budgeting software development:

  1. Estimate how much/what you’ll be able to earn, save, or achieve by implementing the software. If you’re not sure, contact the developers you’ll be working with for assistance;

  2. Calculate the estimate and ask the company how much time they will need to provide the final result;

  3. Get 150% of the funds you’ve estimated to manage risks and cover additional spending. You never know what that money can prove useful;

  4. Divide the budget into parts, one for each phase. Your development partner will help you with breaking the sum down.

To get more money, look for sponsors that may be interested in benefiting from your software or the business idea as a whole. Thus you’ll have more funding for the projects and more risks to take and manage.

If you hire a top web development agency to design your website and software, plan your budget accordingly and don’t doubt the benefits of outsourcing, you’re guaranteed success. Every developer from companies like GNS IT is ready to join your project at any stage, providing their expertise to deliver the best result.


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