CyanogenMod coming soon for UMi Super!


Lets face it hardware technology is growing at an incredible rate, unfortunately not many companies keep updating their software to enable the device to operate at its absolute best. Sadly in this day and age when manufacturers are releasing new phones on what feels like a daily basis, the device that was released today is not so significant in 2 weeks time.Get ready Umi Super owners, we have got some great news or you.UMi-Super-Cyanogenmod-2-768x512Fortunately for some there is Cyanogenmod and they often pick up the slack in the development of a phones software so it can really rock your world. It appears that UMi’s flagship phone the UMi Super is getting ready to receive CyanogenMod and it will get Android 6.0.1. This will bring with it the ability to customize the way you want your phone to operate.So get ready all you UMi Super users CM13 is definitely coming, so stay tuned for more info as it comes in. UMi-Super-Cyanogenmod-1-768x512


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