Cyberpong VR First Review


COLOPL NI , the headquarters of the California COLOPL Inc. it will launch its first VR gamer. Cyberpong VR play can compete with HTV Vive player face to face and use the controller to PK.

Cyberpong VR games with the integration of three elements of Squash, marble ball games, football enables players from different places to participate in the games at the same time. Opening  the single mode of the game, players avoid to hit the ball out  as far as possible. Open the multiplayer mode of the game, players will be facing a more difficult challenge, only beating real opponent players  by one to one  can improve skills, qualifying games. This VR has been released on April 28, 2016 which is developed by HTC Vive of COLOPL NI.

Watch the first introduction of Cyberpong VR:

What do you think of Cyberpong VR? Do you feel the title makes good use of the HTC Vive’s goggles and control scheme?  Will it find its audience to have a try? It can be imagined that many clones will be coming soon. Don’t forget to share more news with us.

Cyberpong VR screenshot



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