CYCPLUS G1 Wireless Mini Speedometer and Odometer GPS Bike Computer Waterproof Bicycle (Review)


CYCPLUS G1 Wireless Mini Speedometer and Odometer uses high affectability GPS chip is gotten with arranging accuracy of 5m, It supporting three systems: Beidou, GPS and GLONASS fast overall arranging. M3 NO NEED TO SET TIME, you simply need to set the time locale before use. After GPS arranging, the time will thusly address as demonstrated by the local time. The close by time area can be addressed from the Internet.



CYCPLUS G1 Wireless Mini Speedometer and Odometer Comes with 1.6-inch against glare MONO LCD. Likewise, It can be unquestionably seen at all edges in sun, full-screen white background light, late evening riding can doubtlessly notice the data paying little mind to under the sun or late evening riding, never stress the shadowiness. ( Press the primary two secures all the while to turn on the setting light, the background enlightenment level is 1). The equipment reinforces 9 kinds of by and large used cycling data show: riding time, current/typical/most outrageous speed, speed connection, current time, tallness, ODO, riding partition, and outright time.



It accompanies a 600mah battery. USB battery-controlled can be charging using any blaming device for USB DC 5V port. 8 hours using time after full blamed for scenery light, GPS glancing through sign might cause high force use, it is customary. Additionally, It brings a since a surprisingly long time prior run time, background brightening on for 8 – 10 hours, no setting light for 14 hours.



CYCPLUS G1 Wireless Mini Speedometer and Odometerhas Automatic amassing can store 30 riding records. Long press the right key to enter the set of experiences data see. Additionally, It leaves the set of experiences interface, and the same long-press the right key. M3 GPS bicycle PC doesn’t support track accumulating and data move limits. Additionally, It accompanies 1.6 inches mono LCD with background brightening, extraordinary exhibit sway in sunlight/cloudiness from all edges. The Built-in high-exactness GPS chip. Spare the trouble of standard bike PC complex foundation, appreciate a moderate life. The Data show, reinforce speed, height, detachment, riding time, ODO, and history review.



CYCPLUS G1 Wireless Mini Speedometer and Odometer has The IPX6 waterproof, don’t fearful the storm days any more drawn out. you can undoubtedly purchase this from Wiibuying at $39.99 €33.3180284. To get the price use the Coupon code: G1CCWII


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