Cyrcle Phone: The Circular Phone That Surprised at CES 2020


It’s called Cyrcle Phone, and it’s probably the strangest thing we’ve seen at CES 2020. After about five years of development, the creators of the company have taken advantage of the Las Vegas technology fair to show the world their smartphone with a circular screen, just what millions of mobile phone users had been waiting for … never.

According to the company, the idea behind the Cyrcle Phone project was to create a more comfortable smartphone at hand than conventional ones, which fit in any pocket without much effort and in addition to giving it a more “sensual” format – at least this has been assured by the own brand to BBC.

Because the construction of “normal” smartphones of content size was too much seen. So far, what has been seen is nothing more than a prototype of what would be the final product, whose arrival is scheduled for a year if problems do not arise.

Whatever the changes in the design of the final device that would go on sale at some point in 2020 or 2021, what will probably not change will be it’s two 3.5 mm headphone ports, located on each side of the body Plastic phone. According to Christina Cyr, founder of the company, it was decided to include a pair of ports of this type in order to eliminate the need to use an audio jack splitter accessory, which apparently has become a popular product among millennials and members of the Z generation.

The company has yet to polish the software this stopwatch with gigantism since neither the operating system itself nor many of the Android applications are perfectly adapted to work on devices with a circular display. Any news related to the project will be published on the official website of Cyrcle Phone.

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