DarwinFPV CineApe 25 Review – FPV Racing RC Drone at $152.99 From Banggood in Flash Sale


The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 is a high-performance FPV racing drone that offers both analog and HD versions to suit your needs. The analog version comes equipped with a CADDX ANT Analog CAM and 600mW Analog VTX, providing a clear and stable video transmission. The HD version, on the other hand, features a CADDX WALKSNAIL AVATAR MINI 1S camera and RunCam Falcon Nano, delivering stunningly detailed and smooth footage. With its durable and lightweight design, this drone is perfect for both racing and freestyle flying. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a beginner, the DarwinFPV CineApe 25 is sure to impress.


The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 is a high-performance FPV racing RC drone that is built for speed and agility. The drone features a one-piece injection-molded propeller guard that is designed to be strong and resistant to explosions, making it a safe option for indoor and outdoor flying. With a wheelbase of 112mm and dimensions of 160mm x 160mm x 43mm, the CineApe 25 is a compact and lightweight drone that is easy to maneuver and control. The True-X frame structure provides an excellent balance of strength and flexibility, making it a great option for both novice and experienced pilots.


The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 is a powerful and efficient FPV racing drone; that offers a range of advanced features to enhance your flying experience. The new ducted aerodynamic design greatly optimizes power efficiency; and with the 1504-3600KV long-endurance motor, the CineApe 25 has a battery life of up to 9 minutes. Additionally, the external Type-C parameter adjustment port makes it convenient for parameter adjustments.

The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 is also equipped with VR009 5.8G dual-antenna 40CH 3-inch goggles; which are small and light, with dual-antenna reception, stable signal, and a delay as low as 10ms. The Mini Rediomaster T8-Lite Radio Transmitter is fully functional; with an ergonomic design and non-slip, fulfilling your basic needs, and is the first choice for beginners to fly FPV drones. The CineApe 25 also offers a range of camera and VTX options, including the CADDX ANT Analog CAM + 600mW Analog VTX and the CADDX WALKSNAIL AVATAR MINI 1S. The drone also supports other popular cameras such as the RunCam Falcon Nano.

The DarwinFPV CineApe 25 is powered by a 1504-3600KV motor and comes with HQProp T63MMX6 propellers. The recommended battery for the drone is LiPo 4S 850mAh, which provides a hovering time of 9 minutes. The drone has a weight of 144g without the battery and 238g with 4S 850mAh Lipo Battery. The weight increases to 250g with 4S 850mAh Lipo Battery + RunCam THUMB Camera; and 311g with 4S 850mAh Lipo Battery + 4K NANO1 Action Camera.


The CineApe 25 RTF is the perfect option for those new to FPV flying. The kit includes a CineApe25 FPV Drone, a Rediomaster T8-Lite Radio Transmitter; Mini 3 Inches 5.8GHZ 40CH FPV Goggles, a 4S 850mAh battery, and a charger, among other necessary items. This kit is suitable for both beginner and professional FPV pilots to use for indoor and outdoor training. In comparison to the Baby Ape, the CineApe features a high-strength, one-piece injection-molded propeller guard; offering superior impact resistance and durability. It is also explosion-resistant, making it a safer choice. Grab this DarwinFPV CineApe 25 at a discounted price of $152.99 on Banggood during a limited-time flash sale.


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