DBPOWER D5 Native 4K EIS Action Camera Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


When it comes to immortalizing our best moments we can always go to the Smartphones cameras, although if we really want to go to the next level, it will be necessary to enter the already known action cameras, which not only show incredible resolution, but also come equipped for the most extreme adventures, as these beauties tend to be resistant to various factors, allowing us to record even under water or in the most extreme heat and to exemplify all the above, we have the DBPower D5, an action camera that has fascinating features, but this is not all, as we still need to get into our star today, the DBPower D5, a device that knows how to raise all its functions, that is why we invite you to join us on this journey and get to know it closely. The DBPower D5 4K action cam is a nice compact camera with some great features. It has a 2.0 inches a touchscreen that makes configuration easy. It is light at 136g (4.8 ounces).


The DBPower D5 comes with a standard design that does not differ much from other models of action cameras, so we will have a simple style, black and with slightly rounded edges, which will improve the experience when it comes to hold it, being much more ergonomic. In the front we can see the lens, which is located on the upper right side and just below it, we have the logo of the product in gray and can actually go unnoticed, because the contrast is not very striking let’s say, while in the back we only have the 2.0? touchscreen, so for sure this will only serve to navigate between the various functions offered by this team, so we cannot add nothing in particular of her other than that she responds fluidly with gentle touches. On the other hand, it has dimensions of 2.4 x 1.3 x 1.6 inches and a weight of: 136g, being extremely small and light, so we can use it comfortably with one hand. The DBPower D5 alone will not be able to accompany us to the most intense adventures in which it is faced with a series of factors such as water or snow, but for this, with the purchase of it we are included in the package a transparent waterproof protective lining that gives it an enviable resistance and by this we mean that it acquires the ability to submerge under water up to 45 meters, likewise it will be resistant to snow and it will not enter the camera thanks to the protector.


The DBPower D5, being an action camera, assures us that we can take photos and record videos with exceptional resolution, since the premise of them is not only to immortalize our best moments but to do it with unquestionable quality and to be frank, this action camera will not be the exception, so from the beginning we can ensure that all the content that it takes will be spectacular. First of all, it has a resolution of 14 megapixels, which will allow you to delight us with great pictures both day and night and in the case of videos, You are able to Take hold of stunning 4K 30fps / 2.7K 30fps / 1080P 60fps video that’s sharper and further Existence-like than ever. Over the top-answer, Over the top frame worth 4K 30fps and a few.7K 30fps video can provide exceedingly blank video.

The DBPower D5 has a removable battery with a capacity of 1100mAh. With it we will enjoy 180 min of intensive use and with this we mean to be recording at a quality of 4k at 30fps continuously, on the other hand, it will only take you about 2 hours to recharge at 100% and the best part is that It will be through a USB cable. An additional tip that we can add is that since it is removable, we can always take with us an extra battery to exchange them in case we run out of charge during an adventure. DBPower D5 Action Camera then has a good sector software, comprehensive and allows you to choose from several options including a video resolution and photographs, features Time Lapse, Motion Detect, and Photo Burst. Support for Wi-Fi connectivity is available which, thanks to the Youmera application, allows you to view in real time the videos and the captured photos take directly on the screen of a smartphone with heart iOS or Android.


The DBPower D5 4K Action camera supports microSD cards up to 32GB and also comes with a waterproof case included for dives up to 45 meters. This camera is available for Just $76.99 after Use this 27% off Coupon Code: 6G7L3S6J, Coupon Valid until March 30th


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