DBPOWER GP15 Mini Projector +50% Lumens Support 1080P| 4 Reaons For You Should Never Stop To Buy| Price Just $57.99 (Coupon Inside)


Buying a projector for business, gaming or for your home need is of great importance. We can all agree that a decent projector would be one with a great resolution and brightness but considering a different situation, you may need a different projector. The best available choice in an affordable range is DBPOWER GP15 Mini Projector if its to do with home entertainment. A great pocket-friendly projector. Let’s have a look at its features.

1. Design

Very compact and simple. Keystone wheel at the top and basic controls are with a nice finish. Its weight and dimensions are key selling points as its easy to carry around. Shaped like a box with a lens and dial measuring about 8.2 x 6.7 x 3 inches and weighing approx 3 pounds.

2. Appearance

DBPOWER G15 Projector support 1800 lumens of brightness and 800 x 480 high-resolution images (support 1080P resolution and 10,00:1 contrast), you get vivid color and distinct images. DBPOWER GP15 Video projector has a projection display size of 32-120 inches and a 1-3m projection distance (recommended a projection distance of about 1.5m-2m). The projector also has keystone and focusing correction feature. They have provided an incredibly easy to navigate interface to get the desired brightness and sharpening the image. A perfect piece to provide a home theatre experience with the best quality and clear images.

3. Features

LED is much brighter than LCD and have much wider color gamut. You are able to see much detailed image than any other models in this price range without LED. For first-time projector users, it’s useful to know that LED projectors last long. You have to replace your lamp at a certain point and the market average is 6000 hours but here with DBPOWER GP15 you will get 20,000 hours and that’s why LED projectors are in demand now. It’s powerful and equipped cooling fan system limit the fan noise and you can enjoy distraction-free gaming experience and be viewing movies.

4. Connectivity

Set up Very simple, just plug in the projector and connect it to the HDMI. Click on the HDMI setting and you are good to go. You can also connect it to tablets, phones, laptops. consoles and PC”s. You will need a dongle to get phone and tablets connected.

Where To Shop

DBPOWER GP15 Mini Projector is definitely a great choice for upscaled 1080p images for the price. It should also be noted that it does the full mirroring of your games consoles and phones, you can’t find more. DBPOWER GP15 Mini Projector is now avaialble on AMAZON Just at $57.99 using Coupon Code: WO5LATMD, (Start Date: 03/17/20184:00 AM PDT To End Date: 03/31/201811:59 PM PDT).


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