DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter| 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Headless Mode For Beginners| Desing, Features, Review


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to enter the extremely exciting world of FPV (First Person View) Drone flying but thought it was probably too expensive? Well now’s your chance as the DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter is loaded with great features and comes ready for FPV real-time video transmission streaming directly to your mobile device. You can also control the Quadcopter just using your mobile if you prefer, and to round it off this Drone is very reasonably priced and suitable for beginners as well as intermediate pilots.


Some of the top features that make up this drone include the low voltage alarm that alerts you when the drone’s battery is low. Also, the anti-crash safeguards that protect the propellers from damage. Moreover, the drone features a first-person view transmission that lets you stream live videos using your smartphone, a gravity induction that enhances flight control & stability, and a headless mode for intelligent orientation.


The DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter has a bunch of features in-store for the user which includes Gravity Induction Mode (allows you to fly the drone without even touching the screen on the connected mobile device), first-person view (FPV), one key return, headless mode (no more need for constant repositioning), low voltage alarm (audible note can be heard if battery power is low), anti-crash guards, and 3D flips. With its list of functionalities, it does promote a great time for beginners and veterans alike.

Once it takes flight, it is amazing how this toy drone is able to be stable while you’re operating and maneuvering it. If you are a beginner to the whole experience then you may want to go to your local park to try it out. It is also preferred that you do so in the morning as it reduces the chances of flying with the wind. The flight time is about 6-9 minutes and will take more power if you use the FPV camera function. Charging time is quite long at around 150 minutes so it good that there is an extra battery included.

Usually, the forward direction is the same as the Quadcopter nose direction, but if using Headless mode the forward direction will be the same as your remote controller. Connect your phone with the Quadcopter HD camera and the view will be shown directly on your phone in real time. This drone shoots aerial videos and photos with an HD Camera that has 720P and 30 fps. It features FPV real-time transmission so you can hover and see the videos or photos that your camera is shooting in your mobile phone at the same time.

Where To Shop

Of course, it does take a while to completely master the DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter, but once you do, this particular quadcopter is definitely worth the money that you spend on it. It is designed to bring creativity to new heights, literally. DBPOWER UDI U842 is an excellent option for adept hobbyists who love to explore the sky. We say this because it has a powerful HD camera for great photo and video taking, and it comes with an SD card to store the pictures. Nonetheless, the drone’s motors heat up, and it may deliver less the desired outcome during windy days. What do you think of this drone? DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter is now available on Amazon For Just $149.99 but after using a Coupon Code: 2V3T9EZD, get 40% OFF and you can get in just around $89.99. So Go now and Take it Hurry up.


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