Deepoon E3 5.7 AMOLED Display 3D VR Headset for PC Design, Features Review (Included Coupon)


Deepoon E3 3D VR Headset perfectly fits the needs of people who are prefer to enjoy fantastic 3D IMAX effects and 3D realistic exciting games to get immersive experience as you are personally on the scenes.


Deepoon E3 one of the PC-Driven VR headsets for PC gamers, who are consumers and not developers. What makes Deepoon E3 consumer-ready should be the 2.5K 2560 x 1440 Resolution AMOLED display, besides its ease of use and compatibility with the life-like PC games already on the market. And what makes Deepoon E3 user-friendly is that instead of using regular lenses, it takes advantage of the Fresnel optical lens to alleviate dizziness. The distance and gravity sensors built into E3 are conducive to achieve true “six degrees of freedom,” allowing for tracking of every conceivable movement the headset could make. It also comes with Pupil Adjustment settings and strong premium ABS materials. Deepoon E3 has 10.00 x 12.00 x 8.00 cm dimensions with headset, it looks like a hat to wear on our head comfortably. It has 297g weight, as light as others. It is available in black & white color.


It supports HD magnification FOV 110 degrees viewing angle only Compatible with Computer via HDMI port and USB interface. 2.5K screen resolution. Those 600 degree for myopic people, 200 degree for hyperopic people, its barrel rotation can also support focal length adjustment. One of the other good features is that it can support 3D media player for screen video playback.


Deepoon E3 this time has not only improved its performance and compability, but also reduced the price, it will be a good choice to enjoy excellent virtual experience. its available on Geekbuying at $399.99 , but you can use this coupon code: DEEPOONE3VR to grab one at 349.99usd for free shipping.


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