Deest D99 Elder Smartwatch Design, Hardware, Feature, Review (Coupon included)


The Smartwatch Gadgets are refusing to go extinct. And why should they? Intended to serve as a tracking device for elderly and kids. Deest D99 Elder Smartwatch seems to have hard to beat specs. So, is it worth buying?


The watch itself is made out of durable plastic. It also comes with a rubber sports strap which is sweat resistant, and designed for sport. The Deest D99 Elder Smartwatch has a OLED 0.96 inch screen display. It’s clear the display isn’t going to trouble the latest smartwatches but it does enough. In daylight you can read stats and messages quickly and clearly, and the knock-on for battery life is huge. The Deest D99 Elder Smartwatch will last around a month as a normal watch, and GPS tracking.


The Deest D99 Elder Smartwatch comes with a Mediatek Processor MTK6261. It doesn’t support Camera and doesn’t have slot for External memory, but only for one sim card. Even though the size of the screen does help readability, the D99 doesn’t really have full smartwatch functionality to justify it. Since most of the watch features are easily accessible with side buttons, its 0.96-inch screen does seem more of a liability than an advantage.


Unlike most tracking Smartwatches, the D99 doesn’t have limited phone directory for making and receiving calls. With an SOS feature independent from the regular calls. Its SOS features work just by long-pressing a button. Making it simple, convenient and quick. An automatic alarm will tick off if anyone wearing the D99 steps out of a pre-defined geographic safe area. The OLED Screen contributes to minimizing the screen-time impact on the battery life, helps read on-screen texts clearly and minimizes screen radiation for infants. Although it’s not common for tracking devices to have a camera, this device seems to have taken a few step towards the traditional smartwatch, a camera would have complemented its features nicely, making it a gadget more appealing for kids. The smartwatch pre-installed Android software only comes in English and Chinese, making it immediately inconvenient for people who don’t speak the languages. It only comes in Black and Silver, thus making it unappealing to kids, unlike other smartwatches in the market. Unlike many other tracking devices, it can’t be configured to set an alarm if the person is not wearing the device. This is a major setback, especially for Kids tracking.


The Deest D99 Elder Smartwatch sets out to do what it promises: Elderly and Kids tracking. Although the fact that it doesn’t have an alarm to detect if it’s not being worn is a big turn-off, the Deest D99 Elder Smartwatch is a generally good purchase. It is more recommended for use with the elderly rather than with children.
The battery life is not the greatest, but not the worst, and there is an alarm feature that reminds the user to dock the D99 when not in use, which is a nice bonus.

The $32.37 price After This Coupon Code GB9% seems rather fair compared to other watches and tracking devices in the market, and the D99’s features justify its price.


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  1. It would be smart to allow a link about the user’s manual of this product, in order to be able to see the functions/implementations in detail: could you provide me with it?
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