DERE R9 Pro Notebook Review: An high end notebook for just $299.99


Laptops are evolving at a potentially higher pace and it is high time to track the progress. With the increasing demand of power both in terms of real-time usage & for gaming, manufacturers have been potentially rolling out several models to capture every market segment. One such brand which has been the underdog for a while, called as the DERE has rendered an amazing laptop to its R-Series line-up called as “DERE R9 Pro Notebook”. 


The DERE R9 Pro Notebook is a more accessible introduction to the minimalist world of powerful specs and light-weight machines. In fact for the price-tag and considering that the DERE R9 Pro is a 15.6″ laptop, it is unbelievably light-weight, measuring to just 1.4kg. The most attractive aspect of the design is that the device offers very thin bezels which kind of gives an elegant feel. Also, the DERE R9 Pro kind-off surprises its users with its high-end build quality. The DERE R9 offers a reflective 15.6-inch IPS LCD display which is a pretty impressive scratch-resistant glass (1920×1080 FHD resolution). The display is 16:9 Ratio which means you have more screen space and less bezels. The DERE R9 Pro actually puts the screen on a par with more expensive notebooks.

Hardware & Features

Under the hood, the device packs a Intel Apollo Lake J3455 Quad Core clocked at 1.5GHz and can further boost up-to 2.3GHz. The processor is highly optimized for ultrabooks with an Ultra-low-voltage algorithm and Quad Core processing which tends to provide maximum high-efficiency power. The DERE R9 Pro Notebook is designed to give the overall experience on windows machine that majorly concentrates on portability and uncompromising real-time usage.

This is no GAMING LAPTOP! The DERE R9 PRO is built for real-time usage. Keeping that in-mind the device is powered by the Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU with dual graphic support that manages to allot video memory that tends to provide high image quality for basic Internet use, photo editing and mid-end gaming. Further to enhance the performance, DERE has thrown in a 6GB LPDDR3 RAM on-to the R9 PRO which offers smooth multi-tasking and excellent user experience. The only drawback I can see, is that the device compromises on storage by providing just 64GB HDD. Considering that it won’t cost you much to upgrade, I don’t think this will be a problem.


If you’re looking for a laptop that offers high-build quality, portability, smooth real-time experience and also to fit-in your budget, then the DERE R9 Pro Notebook is a great choice. Considering the Early Bird Flash sale, the laptop is on a huge discount (23% OFF). Now you can get all these goodness at just $299.99 on Gearbest.


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