Dere V9 MAX Laptop: i5-1065G1, 12G/512GB, For Just $634.28 [30% OFF]


The Dere V9 MAX Laptop is an excellent Gaming book that uses a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and is the perfect solution If you want to save even more, go with a 10th Gen Intel i3 processor.

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Dere V9 MAX has a 15.6 inch IPS FHD display. The design of the V9 Max Laptop is extremely slim and mobile. The visuals are stunning due to the microcrystalline optical display panel. Its outer body uses metal supplies for premium design.


The main highlight of the V9 MAX Pocketbook is the 10th generation Intel processor. These processors outperform the Intel i7 processors by 70%. Thus, the Der V9 Max laptop outperforms the PC. There is an Intel UHD 6100 graphics card to play video games.  Also, the V9 Max laptop boots up in 5 seconds using an M2 solid-state drive with mechanical hard drive support. The RAM capacity is 8GB and it is upgradable. Northern Studios tune in with their speakers to produce high-quality, studio-like sound. Warm Extinction is effective due to the large and silent labor following.


Dere V9 MAX also has a modern, full-size backlit keyboard with fingerprint unlock protection. Other features of the V9 Max Pocketbook are the backlit keyboard with fingerprint unlock. It is convenient due to the ergonomic keys. Also, it has 3D stereo speakers for superior audio production for leisure and video streams. Combined with a high-performance graphics card and dual-band 5G WiFi, it is a highly efficient machine. Playing video games using WiFi leads to higher pitches and delays. The Physics der V9 Max’s aluminum-magnesium alloy also allows it to stand up to many expensive laptops. You will not see any scratches due to its scratch-resistant construction. The bezels are very narrow for a perfect width for Full HD widescreen viewing.

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Where To Buy

Dere V9 MAX Laptop is now available on Aliexpress For Just $634.28 with 30% OFF. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Dere V9 MAX on Aliexpress


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