Details confirmed of 360 Mobile’s new 360 N4S


When Chairman of 360 mobile Zhou hongwei made a Weibo post saying , “your phone needs SOS”, he caused widespread concern in the industry. Zhou hongwei, said in in one of his posts: “in the face of increasing power consumption, slow charging , system cards and other problems, we must act! ”


Everyone was confused as to what he was actually saying, Zhu Fanghao then issued an article, where the 360 mobile product concept was explained:cell phones need to be practical, have good battery life, good security, and a smooth UI that would make up a great smartphone. He the stated again: “we will make this phone! ”

That’s when Zhou hongwei, Zhu Fanghao two executives of 360 Mobile announced new N4S. claiming the new 360 N4S will have a battery life of two days with full use. The “N4S” will be 360 cell phone upgrade of the N4. Previously released the 360 N4 came with a deca core processor, 4GB of RAM , 32 B of ROM and support for a 128 GB SD card, and was referred to by some as “the new flagship Killer.”

An upgraded version of the N4, has the industry guessing as to what this new 360 N4S will be packing in terms of specs. The phones motto is”Super On Something.” and “360 N4S, fun for two days,” and the way some insiders are talking suggests 360 mobile have had a major breakthrough in their technology.


Up to now, in addition to the model number and publication date, 360 Mobile have not officially released any details about the specs. It leaves us guessing for the time being. Chairman of 360 mobile Zhou hongwei did however confirm that a press conference will be held on July 15, where details of 360 N4S will be officially released. We cant wait.


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