Details of Leagoo M5 leaked


There have been whispers going around recently that the Chinese company Leagoo have a new smartphone in the works, called as the Leagoo M5. Now, we have a few more details to bring into the light. This new image just released confirms that the Leagoo M5 will come with a metal frame. We are unclear at this stage whether the body will be made from plastic or glass. But we are confident that the Leagoo M5 will be compact, as it is anticipated that the device will come with a 5-inch display.

The device should be suitable for one-handed operation because its compact, slim design As has been the norm in most smartphones, power and volume buttons will be situated on the right hand side of the device and the USB port will be positioned at the bottom. We dont see speakers at the bottom of the device in the image which suggests that the speakers are located on the back of the phone.leagoo-m5-01

As for the specs, it has been suggested that the Leagoo M5 will come with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM .  Leagoo will be using the FreemeOS 6.0 on the device, which is based on Android 6.0.There are have been no details about the type of CPU the phone will come with, but there is speculation Leagoo will opt for an entry level mid-ranger. Although not seen it in the image, a fingerprint scanner has become a standard feature of all Leagoo phones of late , so we don’t expect the Leagoo M5 to come without one.

The price is said to be reasonable, whatever that means, but expectations are that the Leagoo M5 will not be too pricey. More details are said to be coming out in the next few days. So watch this space for more details as they come to hand.



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