Development of Mobile Technology is a “Friend or Foe”


Mobile technology is synonymous with a necessity today, something that most of us cannot finish our day without. Mobile technology has been changing our lives, enhancing how we access information and share it with others at the same time. It has altered all knowledge that we grew up with. From ordering food to managing our finances, we have shifted the way we learnt anything and everything about technology and how we make use of the same. Amidst the growing saturation of mobile technology around us, the imperative question which begs to be answered is, whether the development of mobile technology is really our friend or a foe?

The alarming technology

Since most of the information that we get to hear around us is unsupported, we asked an expert at ThanksForTheHelp to explain the various side effects of using a mobile phone. Did you know that using a mobile phone for extended hours, is responsible for increasing the probability of brain cancer in the human body by 300%, if you are talking on the phone for an average of 17 hours in a month? Well, this just gets scarier as you begin to know more about the harms of using mobile phones. Today, almost 30% males suffer from lower sperm count, which is a direct contribution of none other than the use of mobile phone. The radiation which emits from our mobile phones is responsible for altering and damaging our DNA structure.

Experts from TopAssignmentExperts came forward with another alarming revelation about the downside of using mobile phones. Children remain more susceptible to harm from the radio waves which emit from the mobile phones. This is because their skulls are still in the developing phase when they start making use of a mobile phone, which means that they can sustain greater damage from the use of phones than a grown adult.

However, experts at EssayWriter4U believe that due to the lack of positive evidence in this direction, it will be premature to say if mobile phones are the real threat or not. Though, it is quite clear that the exposure to harmful radioactive waves is causing some or the other form of impact on all of us. In the light of these developments and findings, it will be fair to assume that mobile phones are certainly not the friends that they appear to be.

Come to think of it, mobile phones have invaded our lives at such a large scale that we are largely dependent on them for every single and tiny job. From searching for a good restaurant around us to finding our way around the busy city roads, these gadgets have occupied a central place in our lives in the name of guiding us and providing us information of all or any type. The surprising part about the story is that we have somehow been so captivated with this technology, that our race did not take more than a decade’s worth of time to adopt to the new technology and in fact, to master it and advance along with it. The pace of this change might be far reaching and wide but given the negative impact that it has on our health, one might want to wonder if we really needed this.

As per Mark, an expert at BestOnlineAssignmentHelp, the impact of mobile technology is not restricted to instant access to information, or digitising services and products. Due to the attraction quotient of this technology, many of us have ended up becoming slaves to the world of digital services. Form being hooked on to chatting on messengers and WhatsApp, we have sadly alienated ourselves from the real social world around us and adopted these messaging platforms as our world. Studies have shown that social media sites and chat platforms have badly impacted lives and increased the chances of stress and depression among people.

Tina, an expert at PaperDoers is witness to the incidence and admits that many students in her circle are victim to the vicious world of mobile technology. ‘They do not even want to think, even when they can’. Quoting a common problem with students that she faces on an everyday basis, she is heard speaking rather sadly that students will smoothly opt to pull out their phones or digital devices, to search for the answer to a question or to calculate something, when they could have easily done that through mental exercise. She expresses her deepest regret at not being able to help her students overcome this habit, citing it as an addictive era of the mobile technology.

Reporting a similar incident is Paul, from OnlineAssignmentWriting, who recalls receiving an assignment job on a rather plain and simple topic, requiring editing and proof reading. Although, this being his job, Paul conceded to do the work but soon realised the lack of effort that might have led the student to assign the job in the first place. ‘I was rather taken aback by the plain copying of the content, straight out of a popular information website. It appeared as though the student had not even made a slight effort to complete the assignment on his own.’

The lowdown

These are just some of the plain and common incidents that teachers face on a regular basis around them. They have already grown habitual to the display of mobile technology around them and have also come to accept it as a way of life for the upcoming generation. However, it is worrisome to imagine the repercussions of this addiction and habit and the outcome that it might have on the future generations, which are yet to come. It is worthwhile to wonder if this mobile technology would allow students and candidates to thrive amongst the growing competition that is present around us so pervasively! It remains to be seen how the mobile technology will expand and evolve, especially given that it has already set out on a path of evolution and it is certain that it is one that is not going to stop anytime soon!


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