Discover a free ranking fo private servers


There are many different kinds of multiplayer games to choose from, with many universes to discover. They can be so big, however, that it is quite easy to be lost amongst thousands of players. That is why many people turn to private servers, one of the more famous ones being World of Warcraft.

Playing on a WoW private server is quite nice, but how do you find a good one anyway? That’s where we come in. Finding the perfect server means you need to have a choice, and that is exactly what we offer.

Creators can submit they server to be added to the list for free. Players can try servers and then rate them and add their comments. This creates a ranking that is renewed every months and allows for some friendly competition between creators.

If you want to add your server to the list now, no need to worry: everything is completely free. It’s now your turn to use this tool to gather more players around you!


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