DJI Agras T50 Vs Agras T25 Review: Comparison of Agricultural Drones


DJI previously released the DJI Agras T50 Vs Agras T25, which are agricultural drones that have been fully upgraded and optimized for application scenarios such as fertilizer spreading and fruit tree spraying.

DJI Agras T50

The DJI Agras T50 or DJI T50 adopts a coaxial dual-rotor design, which supports the spreading of 50 kg of load, 75 liters of large capacity, one bag of fertilizer is filled at a time, 1.5 tons of fertilizer is spread in one hour, and another 40 kg of the load is supported. The measured field operation is 320 mu per hour.

The T50 is also equipped with a dual atomization spraying system. Compared with the previous generation, the spreading flow rate of the T50 has increased by up to 100%, with 2 nozzles reaching 16 liters per minute and 4 nozzles reaching 24 liters per minute. At the same time, the T50 is equipped with a new solenoid valve, which can be started and stopped accurately, which can effectively prevent the leakage of medicine liquid.

Not only that, the T50 has been upgraded to 2 sets of active phased array radar and 2 sets of binocular vision, which can accurately perceive the terrain and describe the details of obstacles, and realize intelligent and safe detour and fully automatic terrain imitation operation on large slopes.

In addition, the agricultural drone is equipped with a DB1560 intelligent flight battery with a capacity of up to 30 Ah and a guaranteed cycle of 1500 times. The D12000iEP all-purpose variable frequency charging station continues the EFI technology, which saves 15% of the fuel and improves fuel economy. With an air-cooled radiator, it can achieve extremely fast charging in 9 minutes.

DJI Agras T25

The DJI Agras T25 has a smaller body and weight, with a spraying load of 20 kg and a spreading load of 25 kg. Other aspects are consistent with the T50.

In terms of price

The recommended price of the DJI Agras T50 flagship set is $9122, and the suggested price of the standard set is $8398. While the suggested price of the AgrasT25 flagship set is $6660, and the suggested price of the standard set is $6080.

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