DJI Mavic Air 2 Predicted to Debut This Month On April 27th


DJI is still pushing new products out later this month and today, she released a video on its Twitter account with the title “Up Your Game” with April 27th being the date of the event. The event is likely going to be the launch of the DJI Mavic Air 2, which can be seen in the teaser video.

Recently FCC approved, will not take place simultaneously from various locations around the world. But will simply appear on the DJI website at the stroke of the appointed time. Maybe there will be direct streaming from the manufacturer’s office. The direct is not certain as it is not official that it will be the Mavic Air 2.

As for the characteristics

The FCC registers have been discovered that there will be at least 2 versions. In which one with ADS-B receiver and the other without. It is highly likely that both have Ocusync 2, the same efficient radio protocol as the Mavic 2.

It is rumored that the Mavic Air 2 will have a 360 ° obstacle avoidance system consisting of 10 sensors. While its flight autonomy will around 30 minutes and 4K HDR video recording (perhaps even 60fps). Obviously with a gimbal camera stabilized on 3 axes.

As for prices, DJI Mavic Air 2 is estimated at around $900 for the basic version and about $1150 for the version with ADS-B. Recall that these are rumors, we will find out the truth on 28 April on the official website.

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