DJI Mavic Pro Foldable RC Quadcopter with Two Batteries For Just $999.99 at TOMTOP (Flash Sale)


The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvass easily and without worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying camera ever.

Mavic Pro is unequaled among compact, foldable drones. After all, it’s a DJI quadcopter. It has reliable positioning, indoor flight capability, 4K video, a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal and a foldable remote controller with a 4.3-mile range. And many parts and accessories are available. The included shoulder bag makes storing and transporting your Mavic Pro simple. Fold the propellers and the Mavic, and your drone will fit snugly and safely in the bag. It also holds your remote controller, up to 4 batteries, extra props, cables, and even your smartphone.

Because the combo includes two extra batteries, a charging hub, and a car charger to keep batteries powered up, you’ll spend more time in the air and less time at your base. You get not only up to 27 minutes of flight time but also protection from overcharging and excessive discharging, both of which could damage batteries. Low-temperature protection is built-in. Download an app to your smartphone and you can take a quick flight or set up a shoot, flying only by phone without using the controller. Dual IMUs and compasses on the Mavic Pro Platinum make positioning reliable. Your Mavic has GPS, GLONASS, and ultrasonic range finders. Each key sensor on the Mavic Pro is duplicated. That means that if one sensor fails, the backup sensor kicks in.

With four vision sensors to guide you, avoid obstacles as close as 2 feet at low speeds, and as far away as 49 feet at speeds up to 22 mph. When Mavic Pro gets too close to an object, it will stop and hover until you send a command. Its vision sensors see in three directions and protect you from unexpected dangers, even as high as 14 feet off the ground and even if trees are blocking GPS signals. With the Flight Autonomy program, hover precisely and land almost exactly where you took off. Precision Landing can even tell if the landing site is uneven.

TapFly points your drone in the right direction. Terrain Follow safely maintains position off the ground. Following a subject on a road or trail with changing terrain is a snap with Terrain Follow. And safe Return to Home avoids obstacles on the way back to base, switching on automatically if your battery runs low. See what your camera sees, almost instantaneously, from as far away as 4.3 miles. DJI Go tells you everything you need to know onscreen — where you are, your altitude, your battery reserve, and what’s in front of you.

DJI Mavic Pro can hover for 27 minutes and fly for up to 30. That’s superior to other small drones. It’s powered by a quick-charge 3S Intelligent Flight Battery, which prevents damage from overcharging and excessive discharge during storage, even if fully charged. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $999.99 with Duty-Free Shipping and with 4K Camera OcuSync Two Extra Battery $999.99 with Duty-Free Shipping


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