DJI MAVIC PRO RC Drone Issues and Fixes You Should Know First(Part 1)


DJI Mavic Pro has been released for several months, we believe some users have experienced it. But when we play it, we may face some practical problems, so today we will help you solve some common issues that you may face.

ESC Error/Trapped Arm Wires

SOLUTION: You should know DJI official can provide you with customer service if you miss some components. After your package arrives, just check your drone arms to ensure that cables with the joint will not be too long.  If they are, they can be pinched during each open/close of the arms, it will cause wear over time that leads to an ESC error to appear and failure of the motor for that specific arm.

1080p 60/96fps Is Unusable On Mavic?

SOLUTION: please avoid using 1080p 60/96fps to take videos, because these modes are used for DJI FPV Goggles. When you shoot videos at 1080p 60fps or 96fps, it will lead to anti-alisasing effect on its camera. So it’s not suitable for taking high quality videos.

Micro Gimbal Spasms During Flight?

SOLUTION: You can solve this issue by check the ‘Jello Fix’ video above, or ask DJI support if it’s a hardware or software issue. This kind of issue includes micro-vibrations which may be caused by motors of gimbal ,twitching or perhaps not quite locking into position, damaged gears.

Jello In Mavic Pro Video?

SOLUTION: You can check DJI official video about how gimbal should be safe before take-off. Just check the video above. If you are not sure about how to solve, ask DJI support online. One users has reported that after landing his Drone too hard, he discovered his video quality suffered from Jello. After he checked the gimbal of Mavic, he found the mount has moved out of its position. This resolved his jello issue, applying gentle pressure to the mount it

Incorrect Gimbal Tilt/Wonky Horizon?

It will become common issue for other DJI drones, you can follow these steps to fix. Run a Gimbal Calibration by first setting your drone on a flat surface, then locate the option accessible via the ‘Settings’ menu, then select the ‘Gimbal’ sub-menu, finally click the ‘Gimbal Auto Calibration’ option and allow the process to complete. If still tilted, use the ‘Adjust Gimbal Roll’ option, accessible from the same location as above, tweaking the value until the horizen appears level.

As for other issues about DJI Mavic Pro you may face, we will report and introduce more later. Stay tuned.


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